Comfort Food - The Cuddling


Best Comfort Food?


Chat amongst yourselves.

How do you feel about people using the wrong names for a meal?

Cheese, obviously.


Pukka pie (chicken and mushroom), mash and beans.




takeaway cuzza


Beans on toast. With cheese between the beans and the toast. On thick granary bread. Cheese is Leerdammer. Branston beans. 3 slices of bread.

I want it right now.



(with lactase pills to ease the ensuing extreme discomfort, obviously)


Meatballs in a slightly spicy tomato sauce with spaghetti.


I think eating @Jeremys_Iron is going to be a bit much on the comfort food scale.


I reckon I’ve got good marbling.


Mac and cheese


Hot chocolate with bickies


I did it all for the gnocchi.


Break(away) Stuff


will expect my royalties cheque!!!


Did you make this terrible joke elsewhere?!


This is very strong.

My contribution is (terrible):
Take A Look Aground almonds



It’s baked beans isnt it?


I’m torn between meatballs and something mince-based like a bolognese or chilli.

I also love things in pastry IDST so any meaty pie or pasty is good. Except chicken.