Comfort foods (#SSP)

I’m gonna stop moaning in that thread and instead try and get some food positivity going. What food makes you happiest DiS?

For me it’s:

  • Toad in the Hole. One of the first things I learned to cook properly. Get a good rise on the Yorkshire Pudding, make some nice onion gravy, bit o’ veg on the side. Lovely.

  • Pek. Terrible tinned meat that no self respecting person should eat but my mum always used to buy it and a Pek sandwich reminds me of being young and feeling safe.

  • Curry. Pretty much any curry. Homemade ones ideally though - it’s one of the few things I cook really well and I really love spending ages in the kitchen making one from scratch. In fact it’s probably the making that’s more comforting than the eating. It’s nice to feel good about making something, isn’t it?

  • Shit chicken burgers from the takeaway - my go to I’m-too-sad-to-cook food. No idea why. They have to be really cheap and nasty too - there are a few takeaways that do really nice chicken burgers that I always veto whenever the black dog starts barking. Only the shittest burgers for me please.

Now you go. There will be no judgement in this thread.



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Cheese toasties


the fuck is pek?


Sometimes I’ll get a couple chicken breasts and cut em up and douse em in Old El Paso roasted peppers & tomato spices and whack in a fresh baguette

Richmond sausage sandwiches

Those already baked garlic baguettes you get in lidl and the like


fries with chili and cheese on (ideally leftover actual nice chili, but I’ve been known to do it with tinned chili if I’m down and sad enough)

chocolate and tea

flamin hot doritos

I eat my feelings on a regular basis

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Solves all my problems

tinned hotdogs


Also Greggs sausage rolls/steak bakes
Sausage & Mash with gravy
Fridge raiders

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Really can’t beat a bowl of soup and a nice big hot buttered crusty roll

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if i’m feeling sick or sad then not much can better a bowl of Heinz cream of tomato soup with a buttered roll (ideally well-fired)


Mac and cheese
Most carbs tbh

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Cheesy chips are very reassuring. Also love a nice Bolognese or a hot spicy chilli especially in the winter.


Standard hot dog. Buttered finger roll, hot dog, bit of ketchup. No need to make it fancy. x3 obviously


i always used to have chilli on a Saturday when i was younger. nothing super fancy, but i just associate it with it being the weekend, not being at school/work, having either just got home from the football or having spent the latter part of the afternoon following all the scores coming in at 5pm.

don’t do it much nowadays as my wife doesn’t like it and i don’t really like doing dinners that are only for one of us, seems a bit of a waste of time/effort/washing up, but when i do it’s always a great bunch of food.

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corned beef hash

It’s 90% pork - so long as you never, ever consider the other 10% it’s good stuff*.

*This opinion is brought to you by nostalgia, the reason defying emotion!


Sandwich with loads of paxo sage and onion stuffing in it