Comics Thread (Forever)


Thought I would start a new comics thread… y’know cos of the new boards plus I think I’ll get a badge for posting a thread.

I’m currently waiting for ShortBox to arrive in the post - SHORTBOX - it’s a curated parcel of alternate comics. I might do a small review of said box when it arrives…

Other than that I’m looking forward to picking up Hilda and The Stone Forest - Luke Pearson is a great cartoonist. Netflix are turning the Hilda adventures into an animation which is v.exciting indeed.



I didn’t get a badge!



For monthlies, there’s some really good new titles just started on Image - Kill Or Be Killed and The Black Monday Murders.

For complete books, I’ve recently read and loved Indeh and Celeste

Mostly burning through John Allison’s back catalogue though because he’s brilliant.



Shortbox looks amazing, might well have to splash out for this. Cheers for that!

Thoroughly enjoyed The Experts by Sophie Franz (that art oh man it’s top) and Golden Cannibal Girl by Douglas Noble. Picked up Harold by Antoine Cosse at Gosh! the other day but I’ve yet to give it a read.


Been meaning to check out The Experts - just from the cover alone. Antoine Cosse is great! He has a new book out called Palace 0 which I’d like to read. So many comics! I’ll let you know how the ShortBox is…


artwork for Indeh looks real nice!


Read the Paper Girls, The Humans Volume 1 & Deadly Class Volume 1; all were a bit style over substance. Lovely artwork but wasn’t thrilled by them. Paper Girls was probably ny favourite of the three as I was more interested in seeing where it went next. I wont be going into the next volumes with high expectations…


today I bought cry havoc, monstress and fight club 2.


I love Paper Girls and I found Deadly Class got a lot better as it went on.


I really enjoyed Monstress (great cats!) and Cry Havoc, but found FC2 hard-going despite liking the art.


Paper girls looks good - will check that out. Looks very coming of age, plus I loved being a paperboy. :newspaper:


Ah cool, I will persevere with Deadly Class. With Paper Girls, I felt like they tried cram a lot into the first volume and I’m hoping they slow down the pace in the follow up…


Yeah, Paper Girls doesn’t really slow down but there are less of those “Wait, what the fuck is this now?” moments.


Need to get back on the comics train.

Finished The Sculptor the other day. It’s :100: and so very many feelings.

Got a few bits out of the Barbican Library this week: Grandville (as recommended by a colleague, really like the artwork and it feels different to stuff I normally read), a Charles Burns one I’d not read (Big Baby?) and the first two volumes of The Manhattan Projects – I started this on my tablet but I do much prefer physical comics tbh.

Noticed they had Southern Bastards there so going to go back next week and pick them up.


There’s probably room in my life for another series. Never been to Superheroes. Read The Walking Dead since issue 10 or so, but the other three I read - Outcast, Birthright, and personal fave Manifest Destiny - are all relatively new, don’t think any of them have hit #20 yet.

Would probably find something a few years old a bit overwhelming unless there are a couple of TPBs to catch up on.

Think I’d like something film noir-esque, but a big trad.fantasy fan. Not really into sci-fi.



been into superheroes **


You’ve made me want to re-read The Sculptor again, so I’m probably going to do that soon.

Let me know what The Manhattan Projects is like, I think someone else on here recommended that too.

Southern Bastards is great. Pretty brutal, but great. The end of the first volume is :+1:

And deffo agree on physical comics being better. I prefer books on my Kindle now, fully converted, but reading comics on a screen feels wrong.


Aces :slight_smile: