Comics Thread (Forever)


yeah this is a more optimistic way of looking at it, thank you

hah ‘a return to our traditional voter base’ as it were.

Keir Starlord

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Anybody here seen the Watchmen TV show? (Should totally have phrased that as “who watches the Watchmen?”, shouldn’t I?). I was deeply suspicious when it was announced (never been anywhere near Doomsday Clock and all that crap), but I’ve just binged the first three episodes, and I think it might be…brilliant?


It’s excellent


Interview with my mate Chris here comics gang.

I just got Black Monday Murders, spunks.

I think I like it. :slight_smile:


Nice one! I liked it a lot, but I’m still not sure I know what’s going on.

Did you read all the volumes?

I got individual issues, which meant at least a month between them. Might give it a full reread in one go.

It’s great, one of my favourites of recent years. Just wish they’d hurry up and get part 3 out.

Crikey, a proper comics fan.

I just occasionally buy collections on Ebay.

There are a couple of things I buy monthly (although digitally) but mostly I buy trades

Job got this weekend is to clear the shelf below so I can put the piles of trades littering our bedroom somewhere (I was not living here pre Covid)


Would dearly love to get mine out of shelves, but also cba. Issues and trades are in boxes, GNs are out on shelves.

(Also Archie vs Predator is as deeply silly and fun as the title would suggest)

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I finished it via some dodgy downloads years ago, I started collecting the trades again a few years ago and only have one volume to go now but also Brian Wood is a creep soooo

Dark Horse cut all ties with him after the stuff from last year, looks like nobody is publishing him anymore.


Aww fuck, how did I miss this? I love some Brian Wood stuff so much. What a wanker! :frowning:


3 x 144pg OGNs over the next year.

(Presume they’ll be HC and then there’ll be a 12 month+ wait for the softcover printing :unamused:)