Comics Thread (Forever)


Having not read the thread and also not really knowing anything about comics…

Can anyone recommend something I can get for my brother in law for his birthday? He’s not read many graphic novels but he’s recently watched and been into into the anime series devilmancrybaby and death note. Also likes batman V superman animated movies. Bit vague I know but any experts got a suggestion?


Oh god, I Kill Giants…I’m still recovering. Ha you are a cruel person, Konichiwa. :sob:


How did I not know this was a thing


Amazing book. There’s a movie in the works too.


Trailer for the film doesn’t make it look much good mind


I read I Kill Giants in a pub and ended up having to slip out quielty after blubbing like a child in the bogs.

I thought the trailer looked pretty good. The shot of covelski (sp?) at the end made me so happy.

Tille Walden’s Spinning also broke me (cello teacher scene) and Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor. And MAUS too, obvs.


Hey Gert!

Would love to make suggestions, but I’m clueless about anime. For Batman and Superman, there’s a lot out there for both and I’ve not read much of either.

Superman: either All Star Superman (Grant Morrison) or Red Son (Mark Millar)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller) or Year One (Frank Miller)


I think this is the only comic mart left in the UK that sells comics. There are a few stalls selling videos, but there’s no cosplay or signings. Free entry as well.

The next one’s on 6th May. Save the date.


If your brother-in-law is into horror, go for the first volume of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. That’s a classic. Beasts of Burden by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson - imagine Buffy and the gang, but with dogs. Very, very good.


I am absolutely going to go. Bank holiday weekend treat!


Cheers, ended up getting him All Star Superman and he seemed v pleased. Comic shops are pretty overwhelming places for someone who knows nothing about them!


That’s the best Superman book! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know what you mean. Luckily, my local comic shop are the warmest, most welcoming and approachable bunch of people you can imagine.


Great choice that


Great choice. The only problem with All Star Superman is that it’s such a fucking wonderful comic that it’s frustrating to read all other Superman afterwards.


I really didn’t enjoy it, normally grant morrison stuff leaves my brain feeling invigorated but I found this to be a slog, still most people rate it highly so it is probably a great gift choice


and @sadpunk
Just read Paper Girls Trade Volume 1. Not sure really.

The thing Is I think I got through about 5 or 6 trade volumes of Saga but it all began to feel a bit too much.

Is this a bit more ‘locked down’ for want of a better word?


It’s a bit frantic at the start, but levels off later and becomes way easier to follow. It’s excellent!


BTW do we have any moral issues around Comixology? I can buy PDFs directly from Image Comics which is nice but ComiXology are actually sometimes cheaper. Not sure which is the best option to support the scene? Maybe it doesn’t matter.


Comixology is owned by Amazon so I guess lots of it would hinge on your views of them.


Ah right. I actually did wonder if they owned it or it was just some sort of side deal. Do you get Marvel on there? I think previously I had the Marvel app for that stuff and ComiXology seemed to be where I could get the DC items.