Comics Thread (Forever)


Yeah, all the big publishers (Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse) are on there.

You can get DRM-free backups of some (a lot?) of stuff as well, either as pdf or cbr files. I don’t know if all the big publishers are signed up to it - the only stuff I buy on there are IDW’s Transformers books and they have it, but everything else I read I buy in hard copy.


I’m strictly hard-copy so I don’t have any experience of it.


Just echoing Sadpunk’s sentiment really - found the first volume to be a bit overstuffed with twists and turns but it has certainly found its groove as its progressed.


Oh my


Haha, I had just opened this thread up to post that myself.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl did an issue like this. It’s good fun.


Just finished All-Star Superman and I feel the same. Couldn’t figure out what was supposed to be interesting about it at all. Always bums me out when I jump straight to “the best” of a body of work and find it lacking


Upon opening this week’s Paper Girls issue I couldn’t figure out wtf was going on, so i popped upstairs to get last month’s ish and realised I’d forgot to ever read it. Just read both back to back and realised this comic is so fucking awesome, but I’ve probably made a boo-boo following it in singles rather than trade.


I’m reading it in trades. It’s quite good because Brian K Vaughn actually sticks to a rigid schedule with his books, I think I’d probably struggle with it if he didn’t and he was like Jonathan Hickman.


Yeah I actually just had a think about this, and Paper Girls actually putting all other singles to shame. It’s a consistently good series with a clear direction, compelling story and good characters. Distinct in style, tone, and quality from everything else on the stands. Mostly dependable publishing schedule with the same creative team each time, never feeling rushed, structured to be a satisfying read as a single issue. Presentation is incredible, lovely paper quality, loads of backmatter and extras in each one, fixed at the 2.99USD price point.


Doubly impressive given that Saga is the same - consistent schedule, same artist, never seems to slip. I’d much rather have that with little breaks inbetween arcs than year-round schedules and fill-in artists. As much as I love Y: The Last Man some of the fill-in artsts were rubbish and it’s jarring to reread now.


Cool. Al Ewing did a Judge Dredd story in this format a few years back which was both great fun and incredibly cleverly structured.


I would definitely read this, nice!


Found the second volume of Vision to be pretty brutal and bleak. Really wasn’t a fan of Virginia coldly murdering poor Sparky the dog :sob:!


I reckon all that is true of Kill or Be Killed, Grass Kings, Briggs Land and Giant Days too.

KOBK especially - released like clockwork with each trade coming out on the same day as the first issue of the next arc, essays at the back of each issue, same team throughout, clearly planned and well paced story, etc.


Going to check out those three series because I got Giant Days on your recommendation and absolutely fucking loved it. Got the second hardcover in the post on its way to me.


Really want to read this cause I do like Brian Wood but the first volume is like £17. Cheers Dark Horse.


Really? That’s a bit steep! It’s a great, great series though.


Oh man, I love Giant Days so much!

Kill or Be Killed is crime noir, Grass Kings and Briggs Land have similar settings (secessionist communities in the US) but otherwise quite different. The art (and paper quality) of Grass Kings is superb!


Yeah. Dark Horse trades tend to RRP at $19.99, while Image’s are $17.99 (which itself has gone up recently, which is gr8 on top of the Brexit-related price increases).

I pulled all my Ex Machina trades out of storage at my mum’s recently and have been re-reading them. Most of those cost me £9.99 back in the day :no_mouth:


Would be loads better without the pointless HP bit, but otherwise YES!