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Been re-reading the Joss Wheadon and John Cassaday run on Astonishing X-Men recently. I read it when I was about 14 and loved it (rented it out the library!), I’ve found everything Wheadon’s done aside from that to be pretty shite, so my opinion on him has always been “well he’s not very good, but he wrote a good X-Men comic I’ll give him that”. Turns out this is actually not good comics at all. Everything gets dragged out and decompressed to the point where there’s very little substance to each issue, he writes all the main X-Men as total morons and they all have the same unfunny snarky teenager voice. He does introduce some interesting concepts but he himself doesn’t do much with them, the real good stuff was picked up by other writers when he’d finished.

Intermittently reading issues of this and then going back to Simonson’s Thor, some classic Stan Lee Spider-Man, and my first read of Watchmen, which are all excellent and showing Wheadon like nobody’s business.


That run of x-men is basically season 2 of angel, I like it but whedon is just too whedon, grant Morrison’s run that came right after is the best


Yeah it does it no favours at all to be directly following Grant Morrison’s run and directly before Warren Ellis. Morrison in particular had a real vision for the X-Men, his run was the first time somebody had done something new with the concept, before that it’d been years of people trying and failing to ape Claremont, or just draw massive guns and pouches. Shit of Marvel to chuck all his ideas away before he’d even gone.


Anyone reading the current Thor run?



Not read this week’s issue yet, but I hope this means she’s FINALLY dead. I was really enjoying it up until quite recently where it seems like every issue is “if you pick up that hammer one more time thou shalt surely die!” Picks up hammer, is not dead afterwards “next time; dead. Definitely next time”. I get the feeling Jason Aaron wanted it wrapped up around 6 months ago but Marvel made him drag it out to fit in with the relaunch in April.


Oh that’s interesting because I’ve not felt this has been dragged out - I know she’s had warnings before but thought this was the only time it’s been “last chance”. I’ve adored his run on Thor since God Butcher and might possibly be reading with rose-tints. :slight_smile:

It’s a great issue and I’m not sure my feeble emotions will be able to handle the next one.


Was this the last one or is there another one before the relaunch?

I’m pumped af to see Mike Del Mundo take over art duties for the relaunch, and I’m pretty excited to read proper Thor again as well. The Jane stuff was fun, and Russell Dauterman is definitely talented; but I’m a longtime Thor fan and I want to read Thor, and him coming back drawn by a guy who is one of the best fits for Thor you can possibly think of has me excited. I hope Jason Aaron gets his mojo back as well, because other than the last few months where I felt like it was treading water, I’ve absolutely loved his take on Thor.


One more to go, then the “restart”. No spoilers, but there’s still some stuff to resolve - the Odinson is still not worthy.

I’m not that excited about Del Mundo - I’m just not a huge fan of that style, but still looking forward to it. Dauterman has been great, I really like the way he blurs stuff to force focus/perspective. I think Ribic might be my favourite Thor artist. Still, exciting times ahead!

Not sure what you mean by wanting to read Thor. If you mean the Odinson, he’s been very present throughout the series and they did a separate run ‘Unworthy Thor’, which was ace too. I’ve really enjoyed having Jane as Thor and haven’t ever felt like it’s been treading water. I’ve also not felt like I’m not reading Thor. I’ve loved it and (IMHO) Jason Aaron’s run is now the best Thor run, with J Michael Straczynski’s run a very, very close second.


From Paper Girls volume 3 @Petagno


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I read the vision the other week - it made me :sob:.


I read the first volume but didn’t love it, so haven’t read the second. Maybe I should. Does it follow the same style, where it’s all narration?

I read both volumes of Sheriff of Babylon at the weekend, which is by the same writer, and I really, really enjoyed that.


Tom King is the man. Omega Men by him is great too. Only clicked with me towards the end what it was all an allegory for and it was a real wooooah moment. He’s doing the main Batman series now as well, it’s been pretty consistent.


I’m with @sadpunk and didn’t love it either. Thought it was ok, but too long.

Would have preferred if it was compressed into the first act of a four part story. Where the Vision wakes up in a suburban setting and goes about his day, but something isn’t just right. I know it’s a superhero story trope, but it’s a good one. Alan Moore’s take on it with Superman in “For the Man Who has Everything” is excellent (of course).


Loved the Vision stuff he did. Struggling with Mr Miracle though…I think because I don’t really know a lot of the New Gods back story


New WicDiv is great, they’re finally giving us answers now it’s wrapping up


Oooh! I didn’t get to the shop today so I’ve not picked it up. Gaaaahhhhh!!!