Comics Thread (Forever)


If you’re UK based you probably won’t have got a physical copy today anyway, Easter BH weekend has delayed most if not all shops until tomorrow from what I’ve seen. I’m going in for WicDiv only tomorrow, I cannot fucking wait. Guys, it’s seriously my all-time favourite comic, there’s never been another series where I spend the whole month obsessing over that issue. Truly we are blessed to be living in this time. I dug out all of my back issues at the weekend because I think now is the time to have them to hand for reference/clues/getting a kick out of reading them back with current knowledge.


I read it in trades so I’m only up to #33 but the end of that issue, god daaaaaaaamn.

(I doubt anyone wouldn’t but pls use spoiler tags thanks team)


Yeah, I’ve lent most of my trades out but I am properly nerdy about this, even posting on reddit :grimacing: lolol

where did Baal get those babies? :sob:


#33 made me feel so stupid; the big revelations are things that were seeded, and we know this series has a love of wrongfooting the reader, so why the fuck did I not see this coming? Reading back it seems really obvious that some shit should’ve been up because the twists of #33 fill in blanks that I hadn’t noticed before. So now I’m looking through for more blanks to try and get a jump on whatever revelations we have coming and I’ve gone completely tinfoil hat mad with theories that will probably be all wrong.


I’m enjoying mister miracle despite not knowing the back story. Did have an awkward moment recently reading it on my ipad on a flight where someone was looking over at me and it was pages and pages of big barda giving birth :grimacing:


Yeah, bank hols tend to put things back a day but the people at my local comic shop are absolutely ace and always sort me out on weds as usual. I :heart: them!

I hope I can get in today. New Giant Days and new WicDiv :grinning::+1:


Did anyone else pick up the first issues of Gideon Falls or Infidel? Both off to a great start and I’ve already got theories.


Super into this cover


looks a bit ted mckeever

(my knowledge of comics stops around 1995)


It’s brilliant and looks like a theme for the series:





A reminder for anyone near London on Sunday 6th May.

Comic Mart, Royal National Hotel, Russell Sq tube. Noon, free entry.


Just found out it’s free comic book day today. Might head into central London to see what the shops are doing.


I think I’m going to go! Thanks for the reminder.

Re FCBD - Gosh and Orbital have signings and stuff on for most of the day.


This was cool - thanks again for mentioning it here!

Sorta as I expected (mostly single issues, dominated by Marvel/DC) but then there were people selling so much random stuff - old romance comics, horror stuff, hardboiled detective comics.

Also really surprised by all the bootleg stuff - the guys selling DVDs of obscure films, TV westerns from the 1950s, old radio shows, and, er, more questionable stuff like this:

Had to stop myself spending a tonne on old noir films, but did pick up two volumes of 100 Bullets, four volumes of Chew, and Jonathan Hickman’s Nightly News for about £30 total. Lovely.


I’m glad you had a cool time at the mart. It’s very old school with the emphasis on the past. Totally different from the modern comicon style conventions with cosplay, collectibles & signings and all about the now.

Comic marts served a purpose till the mid 90s because the only way to read old stories was to buy back issues. Today, there’s no demand for back issues what with trade paperbacks and digital downloads. It was telling that the walls were full of multiple copies of comics from the 60s & 70s unsold and boxes of old comics for 50p. The demographic for buying old comics is literally dying out. It’s similiar to the decline of the stamp collecting market.

Anyway, I was there too and picked up a Grant Morrison tpb (Marvel Boy) and some single issues on a whim - comics I once had as teenager.


Paper Girls Vol.4 was another terrific read! Gutted though that Charlotte was so quickly bumped off, as I was really intrigued by her backstory with leaving coded messages for time travellers in her comic strip. Thought the NYE 1999 era setting was great too!


Making my way through the Injustice run and as much as it’s gotten into somewhat formulaic loops it’s probably the best ‘what if’ style run there’s ever been in terms of cape and cowl shit. usually find it slightly off base to read out-of-cannon stuff of that level but have found myself genuinely enjoying it.

Indie wise have been rereading Trees, and Beauty, both of which are just fucking excellent innit.


Been reading Bendis’ Man of Steel. The man just can’t write dialogue