Comics Thread (Forever)


G. will be at SDCC (@GWillowWilson) Tweeted:
Friends…starting this December, we are going to Themyscira. Thrilled to be taking over writing duties for such an iconic character.

Yaaas I say

Wait, how the fuck do you embed a tweet here? Ffs


“Copy Link To Tweet” -> CTRL-V


O ta!

Hang on… In all the hullabaloo I didn’t pay attention to the wider implications of this. Is GWW going exclusive at DC now? Have DC poached YET ANOTHER prominent swimmer in Marvel’s ever shrinking talent pool? Is Ms Marvel changing hands? Such changes afoot.


She says not

Wasn’t really into the last volume of Marvel I bought (5, I think - after one of those big silly crossovers when she’s suddenly an Avenger). Does it pick up again?


Yeah, similar here, I loved the first few arcs and then a bunch of stuff didn’t make sense due to one of their boring crossover events, so I dropped it. Same with Spider-Gwen.


Hawkeye and Thor are the only Marvel stuff on my pull list now. No DC, because DC.


Is there another Hawkeye series?

I’m sad they canned the Kate Bishop one :frowning:


Oh is that over? :persevere: I pull it in trades and the latest one is still on the to-read pile.




Sorry. Cancelled, 3rd trade is the end. Ends pretty well though!