Comics Thread (Forever)


Also recently redid web of. The rose <3


Ah man, I grew up reading his Dredd and Strontium Dogs stuff. Great artist.


Ezquerra drew my favourite Judge Dredd story - Requiem for a Heavyweight. Go Abdominal Arnie Stodgeman!



The Apocalypse War is just something else from a visual perspective, particularly the middle section when it breaks down into guerrilla warfare. Imagine reading this as a 10 year old:

(sorry it cuts off, only version I could find)


Anyone else read The Black Monday Murders? Just finished Vol. 2 and I am loving it, an amazing blend of international finance, noir crime, secret societies and occult mysteries. Best newish thing I’ve read in ages.


No, but I do love Jonathan Hickman. I’m just a bit cautious on starting anything new in case it ends up stalled like some of his titles do (The Manhattan Projects :cry::cry::cry:)


Yeah, I’m enjoying it but feel like I have no idea what’s going on.


Supposedly it’s written up to the final issue (#12) and now with the artist. I’ve been reading it in trades but have picked up some grumbles about delays between the individual issues (FWIW the second trade was out fifteen months after the first, and only covered four issues)


That’s half the fun, as long as it doesn’t go all last series of LOST on us


Ah! That’s good to know. I will probably check it out then.


Just read fun home. Pretty incredible book


Yeah, properly brilliant that book!


M.C Gogo, c’est la vie!


What the fuck


Fucking comicsgate fucks
Fucking Star Wars nerds
Awful awful people


Is there any subset of people who really like something without collectively turning into a bunch of total weapons?


So close to just sacking off all my marvel monthlies. Let the neckbeards have their male power fantasies. Image, Boom and Dark Horse are all putting out way better stuff anyway.


Oh, there we go

Online goss is that Perlmutter is (a) a notorious penny pincher, which is why Marvel TV stuff often looks so cheap and (b) doesn’t get along at all with Kevin Feige, which is why it was apparently easier for characters owned by another company than ones controlled by the TV division to appear in the films.


cycli-oh wait sorry misread


Got Blankets, Irmina, Why are you doing this and Black Hole. Blankets is fucking massive eh