Comics Thread (Forever)


Good book, might get habibi in my next batch


Craig Thompson is fucking amazing.
Habibi is fantastic. The art style is amazing. Hell even the jacket is a work of art.
Great read.


Really liked the drawing style of it. Found a bit of the portrayal of Raina a little bit off but I guess it’s meant to be a teenage boys portrayal of a teenage girl so give it the benefit of the doubt.


Been a long time since I read Blankets but yes I think it was done that way purposely as it shows that teenage boys/himself (if indeed that bit is autobiographical) are a bit too wrapped up in themselves to understand issues faced by others, particularly young women. Raina had a lot on her plate as I recall.
Artworks great and some of the things like abusive priests are addressed subtly.


I read Habibi on a flight to Canada. The stewardess always managed to ask me a question while I was reading a page with massive norks on it. :frowning:
Great book though.


said i’d read loads of comics this year but haven’t really
did read:
boundless by jillian tamaki which is pretty nice, some lovely stories
panther by brecht evens which i loved, reading the wrong place next
first couple of saga books and first paper girls, both seem alright but not massively compelled by either
shortcomings by adrian tomine, ok i guess


I love Brecht Evans, I think The Making Of is my favourite, but damn Panther was dark!


finished descender, liked it all the way through but then end seemed a bit rushed, looking forward to ascender though


I thought the end was amazing! I didn’t get a sense of it being rushed, but I guess a lot happened in the last issue. I was blown away by it and I’m very excited about Ascender.


Habibi is really incredible, that’s probably one of my all time top 5. It makes me feel guilty that there’s an entire world of incredible graphic novels out there but I just get caught up reading vast endless oceans of Marvel trash all the time. I’m such a fucking simpleton.


Read what you want innit!
Sometimes I want something arty or dramatic, other times I want people in daft costumes having ridiculously huge battles with each other.


I think maybe reading it in trade paper back volumes isn’t ideal as it is so long between volumes I have forgotten what has happened, so when I got this one I was just getting back into it again and then it ended (I didn’t even realise it was the last one so it came as a bit of a surprise). might do an entire re-read of it now


Just finished this - Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts. It was a lot of fun - reminded me of Tales From The Crypt, retellings of Japanese ghost stories with an emphasis on food. Worth a spooky Halloween read, although the dedication did make me sad.


Anyone read unflattering by nick sousanis. Sounds pretty good. Got it ordered


(this is comic related)

I am very sad this series is over. My favourite thing of the last few years by a considerable margin.


Got my brother Monograph by Chris ware for Christmas. Should have checked the dimensions before ordering, it’s fucking massive


I’m really going to miss these comics


I’ve been meaning to read this for ages. I first became aware of it around 5 years ago when I walked into the comic shop and two of the staff were stood at the till fully sobbing and I was like “omg are you ok?” and they were like “new issue of Transformers is pretty emotional”. I thought somebody had died.


Hah - that’ll be the James Roberts-written books (More than Meets the Eye, rebranded as Lost Light later on), which followsa bunch of Autobots who, berefit of any idea what to do after the war that has dominated their life suddenly ends, go off on a quest across the galaxy. Its basically a sitcom about a bunch of people suffering enormous trauma and trying to rebuild their lives together.

It’s relatively standalone, there’s one big crossover event about two years in but apart from that he pretty much got left alone to do what he wants. Which is good, cause apart from a few moments (there’s one two-parter that is veeeery Red Dwarf) Roberts is a phenomenal writer. Really makes you care about a bunch of toys, and manages to plot stuff in an incredibly intricate way; offhand mentions that would become relevant later on, that kind stuff.

I hear he has something new + creator-owned happening in the future, which I’m v excited about.

Would also recommend Last Stand of the Wreckers as a standalone (single volume) title, which he co-wrote that with Nick Roche (the artist). Really great little war story.


There’s a massive IDW TF sale at Comixology