Comics Thread (Forever)


Recent readings:

Demon vols 1&2
I bloody love Jason Shiga and this series is incredible. A deeply unpleasant protagonist, a very clever plot, some really gruesome deaths and very dark humour.

Finally got round to reading the first trade of this series from last year - it’s had rave reviews so I was looking forward to it but it was really quite shit. Far, far too much narration and the art was a bit stale and lifeless. It was like reading a powerpoint. Also, as @Konichiwa_Bitches mentions above, the quality of Marvel’s trades is really poor.

In other news Sex Criminals is back and Rat Queens gets a soft reboot this week. Whoop!


the Boys was good - although it did make me a little uncomfortable, in a similar way to Preacher, that he is constantly writing in loads of sex-mad women to his comics, which is pretty creepy tbh.


Has anyone got a copy of the invisible omnibus? I want to read it but it’s well expensive


Think it is too big to comfortably read and heard the binding falls apart, get the deluxe hardback volumes instead


Anyone got any recommendations? New or old. Need some new comics. A good 60 issue run like Y/Preacher/Scalped would be great…


Giant Days vol 2 was wonderful. :heart: Esther

Finished vol 6 of The Boys, really enjoying this at the moment.


Maybe Ex Machine or Sweet Tooth?


Rachel Rising by Terry Moore is about 52 issues and is very good. A woman comes back to life after being murdered and unravels a load of stuff in trying to find her killer. It’s supernatural horror, with magic and demons and the like.

The Massive is also very good, set in a future where everything has gone tits-up and most of the world is ocean, an environmentalist leads a crew on a ship that’s looking for their other ship. There’s lots of fighting and betraying as they try to survive the new world, as well as discovering their place in it.


Enjoyed Ex Machina a lot - I think I actually have Sweet Tooth on my hard drive somewhere, or at least the beginning of it - will search it out.


These both sound great, thanks saddy-p


btw I started The Invisibles last night, which seems pretty mental


Not a sixty issue run but I read Alters recently which was quite decent and managed to avoid most of the obvious parallels that could be drawn between groups of super powered humans and X-men, Avengers, JLA etc.


Just finished The Losers by Andy Diggle and Jock. 32 issues from Vertigo. Straight up action. I can see why Warner adapted it into a movie starring Heimdall, Captain America and Gamora. The comics read like a storyboard.


Have you read Zenith collected from 2000AD? It’s like a first draft of The Invisibles. Zenith is so dated with it’s pop culture references.


Is anyone still keeping up with The Walking Dead? Just finished #167. :frowning:


Sorry to harp on but The Dark Tower series is really good. The Gunslinger Born has some of the best art I’ve seen in a comic for some time by Jae Lee. Absolutely delicious stuff eg:


Yeah :frowning:
I’m continually impressed over the years how the tone of the book has changed and it still feels fresh.

Has anybody got suggestions for anything similar to Adrian Tomine? Really enjoy his non-fantastical, anxious stuff but he seems to take 5 years to release a graphic novel.


I read 25 issues of Sweet Tooth this weekend… holy shit…


Descender is really good too, plutona and trillium less so


Thought Saga vol. 7 was a bit weak.