Comics Thread (Forever)

Not regretting it but as I’m on trades I’m still pre-X of Swords, so.

Be aware that the gazillions volumes of “Dawn of X” collect absolutely everything published since House/Powers.

The series are also being collected individually and I’m just getting the core Hickman X series. Although I may pick up Marauders as I’ve heard a lot good about that.

If you do go in for the Hickman core X book, I’d recommend picking up the one volume he also wrote of New Mutants - its separate to the other New Mutants stuff, its really fun, and the storyline is picked up in vol 2 of X-Men.

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thanks, hadn’t realised that about dawn of x, reading 6 issues from separate series per volume sounds awful, would definitely forget everything by the next volume. will stick to the x-men one.

watched a really long YouTube explaining house/powers of x, made me realised I only followed about 10% of what happened

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Is the whole thing done now? Might see if I can get it all digitally and plow through the whole thing this weekend

having a lot of fun on muh comic. issue one should be ready by march.


Hickman’s run? Nah, he’s deep in it. Reckon he’ll be there for a couple of years yet.

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Oh no. Mention Hickman and I automatically want to do secret warriors again again

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found a couple of comic documentaries on amazon prime from around 2010, one on Chris Claremont’s x-men era (Louise Simonson seems like the best person), and one on Grant Morrison (in general not x-men) notable for Tara from buffy cropping up for about 3 seconds to say the end of We3 made her cry . Both pretty interesting, the marvel bunch seemed gbol

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oh man. i accidentally got into a claremont signing at forbidden planet once. everything good to sign was gone. got a mini sized tpb of phoenix saga :smiley: super lame BUT signed.

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I tend to read stuff on my tablet at lunch and I’ve been ploughing through some cMarvel Masterworks I got cheap ages ago, but I’ve really had enough of the 60s… quirks.

So I’ve subbed up to Marvel Unlimited for a year cos it’s like £5 a month if you do it that way.

Already reading X-Men and Runaways in print. More down with reading some of the core heroes this way, cos they’re not the sort of thing I’d buy in trades. Any recommendations on good stuff from the current line?

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I re-read HoX/PoX, think I managed to follow it this time. Wonder if how little of it I followed before reflects on how poor my comprehension is, or whether something like this really benefits from an issue by issue approach and engaging in all the speculation and theorising that would have gone on between issues. Some pretty major plot points went over my head.

A major miscomprehension I had was assuming the new set up represented a new timeline, thought as Moira went to Charles right as he was forming the X-men that would influence his direction right from the beginning, but it seems like all the main continuity he has the knowledge that they always lose, so what changes to go down the Krakoa route, was that addressed or did I miss it? I know there are those journal entries near the end about wearing him down, still seems a bit muddled to me, learning about all the possible futures and being radicalised is quite a good plot device, learning he always knew that when trying his old approach just seems a bit muddled.

Also there was a bit in the last issue that was presented like a big reveal. Think it was suggesting that post-humans were always the true threat, humans escaping the constraints of natural evolution to become the dominant species or something, Moira says she never saw it. Didn’t really work for me, they’ve always been fighting Humans and Machine’s at the point they merge at some point in her thousand year life she would have recognised them as the threat. Also the human/mutant divide kind of breaks down when you throw post-humans into the mix, humans are threatened by mutants because of their powers, once you had post-mutants with similar wouldn’t they pose a threat to average humans (never really understood this marvel thing that is seems like non-mutant super powered people don’t get the hard time mutants get), also why wouldn’t mutants also start to use technology, and post-humans would probably use the x-gene wouldn’t they. those old groupings of human and mutant would be pretty meaningless I reckon.

Onto the main series now, seems pretty slight after all that high concept stuff

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