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bloody hell! amazing

Yeah that’s them. Tales Of The Jedi I never got, and I’m really annoyed about it. That one, Boba Fett and Shadows Of The Empire are the ones I never picked up that I would like to and it’s sods law that those are the ones that are rare af. But I love those little Star Wars volumes, had them all longer than most other stuff there because I used to buy them as a youth because they were some of the best value page-count wise. Still have a huge soft spot for them even though the page size is so shrunken down.

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Couple of hundred pages into uncanny x-men omnibus volume 3. Feel like it is about to get really good (need to stop reading the masterwork introductions that spoil a lot of it), that Xavier/Magnetto flashback issues seems like it is about to properly get into the mutant oppression stuff which has been surprisingly low key so far. Noticed again how much Joss Whedon borrowed from this with Illyana. Super excited about reading New Mutants, not sure whether to start reading it along side the rest of this omnibus or come back to it afterwards.

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I would go for order of publication alternating between X-Men and New Mutants because Chris Claremont was writing both. For an authentic 80s experience, read each comic every two weeks. You are allowed to read past issues as many times as you like while you “wait for the next issue”.


Started reading comics this year.

So far I’ve read:

The Walking Dead
Fun Home

Currently working through Nausicaa Valley of the Wind and Saga

Only read the first collection of Saga so far but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be the best thing I’ll ever read


I would say skip over the Magik series in Uncanny X-Men, the New Mutants omni has it in a much better position.

@MarsBonfire 's reading order is a good call. The first few issues of New Mutants read brilliantly in tandem when alternating with the corresponding Uncanny issues.


This is a wonderful collection with some great variety!
I’d love to see my own library together like this but it’s scattered across multiple rooms/bookcases and desperately needs some aggressive curation.

Got the Y the last Man omnibus, had the TPBs at the time but sold them with the intention of getting the deluxe editions but never got round to it, now i’m an Omnibus convert and I want to read it again I got this. It is massive, kind of wish i’d gone with the absolute or compendiums editions, has put me off getting the invisibles one i’ll stick to the 4 volume version.

Also I don’t understand why they got rid of the vertigo imprint, fair enough if they don’t want to keep it going as a separate thing, but to just abandon an brand that has a lot of respect/heritage seems weird. DC black label my eye

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Anyone watched the ‘Chris Claremont’s X-Men’ documentary on Amazon? It’s pretty fluffy but I enjoyed the interviews with him, Louise Simonson and Ann Nocenti reminiscing on the time period the comics were written.
Also liked the odd shots of cosplayers reading the comics, unsurprisingly Rob Liefield comes off awfully.