Comics Thread (Forever)


I’ve read up to issue 17 of Descender so far, need to get the most recent issues, really enjoyed that too, the watercolour artwork especially is great.


Haven’t read anything for a while but picked up the following volumes over the weekend whilst there was a sale on at my local store:

  • Southern Bastards Vol. 1
  • Alias: Jessica Jones Vol. 3
  • Sweet Tooth Vol. 1 : Out of the Deep Woods

Giant Days Vol. 2 and The Flintstones Vol. 1 are still in my Amazon basket whilst I wait for their prices to drop a bit.


Oh that first volume of Southern Bastards is sofuckinggood.


Ah awesome! I bought it on a whim after remembering a decent review of it on The AV Club.


Been keeping up to date with Flintstones monthly and just want to say that it still hasn’t dropped in quality.

Other monthlies I’m doing are:
Green Arrow
Secret Empire/Captain America:Steve Rogers

Because of the Watchmen/Flashpoint tie-in in Batman, I’ve gone back and re-read Watchmen (still amazing) and read Flashpoint for the first time (all right)


Ooo hadn’t heard about this?!


I’ve not started it yet but background from the DC Rebirth special last year (incl. Flashpoint spoilers):

So in Flashpoint in 2011, the Flash goes back in time to try save his mother’s life but fucks up the world in the process. He eventually fixes it and comes back to the current time, but some stuff has changed, characters have lost a few years of their lives and stuff, which was what kicked off DC’s New 52 reboot. In the DC Rebirth reboot last year,
they reset a lot of this with Wally West returning from the Speedforce and revealing that the cause of the fuck-ups in the timeline after Flashpoint were actually down to Dr Manhattan interfering with the universe. In this same issue,
Batman finds the Comedian’s button in the Batcave. They left all this stuff untouched until now, and they’re doing a four part story in The Flash and Batman called ‘The Button’ to explain, which will also bring back some elements from Flashpoint (like Thomas Wayne being Batman)


Oh shit, that sounds bloody brilliant :hushed:


It’s one of those ideas that could be crap if poorly executed, but if the writing’s good enough, can be fantastic. Geoff Johns, who’s like DC’s main creative guy, wrote the original Flashpoint and Rebirth stories and Tom King, who is all around amazing, is doing the new ones, so I have high hopes!


The Massive is also very good, set in a future where everything has gone tits-up and most of the world is ocean, an environmentalist leads a crew on a ship that’s looking for their other ship. There’s lots of fighting and betraying as they try to survive the new world, as well as discovering their place in it.

Have you read the prequel miniseries he wrote? For no reason I can understand, its never been collected as a softcover collection.

In other, ludicrous, Brian Wood news, I saw the first volume of Briggs Land, his most recent series, in FP last week. It was £17.99. Fucking Brexit :cry:


Just subscribe to Comixology already


Fucking Brexit!

That aside, Briggs Land is pretty great. Really great, actually.

I didn’t read The Ninth Wave, I thought the story felt kinda told as it was and it didn’t get amazing reviews. Have you read it?


Any of this lot worth it?

@sadpunk, would I like any of them?


Finally got round to reading that first volume!! Fuuuuuuuu SO GOOD!


Not read much of what’s there tbHumble, here’s what I do know:

Black Hammer
Bunch of superheroes struggle with small town life as details of what put them there drip through. Great character work, if a little slow on plot. Really good though!

Briggs Land
One of my current favourites! It’s about an anti-government commune in the US and a power struggle inside family who’s running it.


Can anyone recommend me some must-read comics? I’ve recently started reading em, just read Preacher, Watchmen & Walking Dead and they were all ace. Cheers Comic Wankers


For me, the must-read series is Scalped.


*Sex Criminals


First volume is absolutely up there with the best I’ve ever read. It starts to dip a bit after that though, still great but just not quite what it hit in that first arc.


Live action Red Son adaptation mooted:

Almost certainly total bollocks, obviously.