Comics Thread (Forever)

full agree. even the villain’s arcs of those early stories are so fucking great

@Caedus I’d absolutely second this. My daughter (now 10) picked up Squirrel Girl a couple of years ago, and loved it so much that she’s now got a graphic novel collection that’s taking over her room.


So what’s the controversy here really? I saw a load of people going nuts about Marvel trying to scum fans by getting people to double dip, but it seems like that’s not what’s happening? If you get Uncanny book 5 then you’ll plug the gap with all the rest of the existing Claremont omnibus collections, it’s the full 1975 - 91 run, with only omissions where there’s licence issues like the Micronauts crossover? X-Men annual 10 is the only Claremont X-Men issue missing from the omnibus volumes with X-Men in the title, but it’s already in New Mutants omnibus 2, and if you’re that much of a completist that you’d be bothered about annual 10 missing you’re going to have New Mutants 2 anyway.

Are people really going this spare over that or have I missed something? I know the first few X-Factor issues aren’t collected in omnibus, but Claremont himself disliked them so it seems reasonable to leave them out. Seems a better decision to leave them out than put them in.

Marvel aren’t really scumming people here as far as I can see? If you get the full set of Claremont omnibus volumes, you’ll only have a couple of odd issues duplicated.

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Yeah I did have that thought about the x tinction agenda stuff, but it seems a solid bet Marvel will put them out soonish, the numbered volumes won’t get to it for like a decade at this rate.

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Yeah tbh I’ll probably do this as well. I don’t need everything in the omnibuses, it’s nicer to have them but even so one of their biggest selling points is that they’re the simplest way to collect big long runs. For a 16 year story I don’t really mind having to supplement with like one softcover. It is weird they don’t have X-Tinction agenda in the Claremont & Lee omnibus tho

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Just finished it and I found it quite uninspired on the whole. Zdarsky is a brilliant writer and it felt like a waste of his talents to put him on what turned out to be a pretty generic ‘event’ comic.

The concept was nowhere near as clever or original as it seemed to think it was either. It basically amounted to a more rushed combination of Dark Reign and Civil War.

Some of the tie ins were absolutely AWFUL. The Elektra one was really good, but everything I else I read really sucked. The Doc Ock was probably one of the worst mini series that I have ever read.

This is pretty tempting to…share…with my lad!