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Is Al Ewing’s SWORD worth picking up?

I’m sorta cherry picking stuff from the current X lines and remember everyone was quite excited about it, but also obviously it’s Marvel and it looks like it was canned after two volumes :unamused:

it is… if only for… revelatory reasons.

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Well, now I’m… intrigued.

have you read Red yet? It was less canned and more a partial device to trigger Red kicking off

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No - well behind. I got X of Swords last Christmas and read it in the early part of the year but then took a break. Picked up the vol 3 of Hickman’s X last month to start back up.

Didn’t realise that about Red so that’s good!

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you don’t NEED sword to read Red but there’s one thing that’ll make you go ‘wait fucking what?’ if you don’t

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Caught up on Ice Cream Man to volume seven. Not sure I entirely like where the mythology is going but when the short stories work it’s so good.

I’ll hopefully be reading Ducks by Kate Beaton this weekend. I know Hark a Vagrant but nothing else she’s done but it sounds really interesting.

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My pal Chris works on that! Nice to see it being mentioned here.

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Been meaning to pick up Ducks, let us know how you find it

back on x-men after x of swords fatigue. reading the second half of the hickman omnibus, ‘the world’ and ‘the vault’ seem like pretty similar concepts, was weird they happened almost back to back, had no idea what was going on in the vault sorry (the infographics do nothing), seemed like there was a cool idea underneath about the three mutants living a long difficult life in the vault, didnt seem well executed though

Aw man, this sucks a lot

Loved his work on Nemesis and other 2000AD properties.


I love the way the Comics Code just banned him outright. That’s an incredible testament to his work. :smiley:


Yeah, this is a big shock. He’s mostly retired but did a strip with Garth Ennis for this year’s Sci-Fi Special and had another one in the works.

An absolutely incredible and unique artist who embodies everything I love about comics in general and 2000AD in particular. Hard to tell if there’s any rose-tinting going on but I frequently think Nemesis the Warlock is the best comic of all time. A big part of this is definitely reading it at the right age to be hit by its central idea of distrust of authority and established narratives.

The bigger part is O’Neill’s fascinatingly warped and gruesome illustrations. One of a kind.


I seem to recall he had a lot of health problems and that caused problems with him doing deadlines which is why he didn’t do Nemesis Book II and possibly why Brian Talbot took over for the next few. I think maybe it’s in one of my Nemesis Titan Books so I’ll see if I can dig it out and scan it.

Here we are


Loved O’Neils stuff. For the life of me I don’t get why the first Marshall Law book isn’t regarded as much as the Watchmen or Dark knight returns. It’s a masterpiece.

The makers of The Boys clearly loved it.


Had never heard anything about ill health. For Book 2, they wanted a quick follow up to a popular strip and O’Neill wasn’t a particularly fast artist so Jesus Redondo got drafted in to give Kev time to work on Book 3. The story with 4 is weirder: the first two O’Neill episodes were apparently drawn years earlier (when book 4 was going to be book 1!) and retouched before passing over to Talbot.

I loved it at the time but I haven’t reread it for years. Spot on about The Boys though.


Garth Ennis is on record about how much he loves it. :smiley:

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Yeah I have book two via a copy of 2000AD monthly it was published in (that forward talks about some of it) but I mean I never saw anything to explain why Titan Books didn’t collect it.

I don’t know about his health, I just mean that opening paragraph ends with “I am not a well man” and there’s a lot of suggestion (IMO) that he must have struggled with some level of, if not mental health issues, fitting into society and/or perfectionism, leading to his struggles with timing.

Think I first read it in the same reprint. The reason it wasn’t in a Titan book is the same reason almost nothing by Massimo Belardinelli was, not even the early Slaine stuff. Nick Landau at Titan basically didn’t like any of the European artists and would rather reprint stuff by his mates where he liked the art than worry about making full runs of stories available. There’s barely even any Strontium Dog in Titan editions!

I just read that opening paragraph as a bit of arch fun but you might be right.

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Updated stuff I’m loving.

Trese, four volumes in now, is absolutely spectacular. Really hope the Netflix series is renewed too.

American Carnage Kinda Imperium vibes here, a strong thriller that’s grim and horrible and very well written.

Blacksad The furry artstyle put me off but finally had a go. Better than Spy Seal, worse than Granville. Quite good.

Silk Hills Great concept, okay execution.

The Vertical Sea I love this one for many reasons. A little indie gem that really speaks to me. Worth your time.