Comics Thread (Forever)

Can anyone please help me remember this artists name?

I won it in a Judge Dredd the Megazine competition in the early 90s.
Friends came over the other day and asked me about it and I couldn’t remember the artist at all. I used to know it but it’s completely gone.

The story is one when Dredd goes to another mega city (Tex City I think) for some reason if that helps.
I’ve tried googling but no luck.

I’m not sure I’m afraid but you could try asking @dredduniverse or the official @2000ad account on Twitter? I bet one of those would know.

Ah dammit. You were my main hope, ngl!

I think we may even have talked in person about it many, many years ago in The Windmill or somewhere

I don’t have twitter.
But actually, on closer investigation, it may have been issue 1 which should help

Reckon it was Vol 2 issue 1, May 1992.

Found them: Yan Shimony


Not an especially prolific artist (I certainly didn’t recognise it) but still a pretty nice thing to have.

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Yeah, definitely. It looks so good on my wall.
Obviously having a page of Sean Phillips from Devlin Waugh would be cooler but I’m still chuffed.
My mates at school were very jealous at the time. Probably still are


Hoooo buddy the attack on the mother mold in House of X 4 that’s the good stuff