Comics Thread (Forever)


Just popping in to say The Sound Of The World By Heart is my favourite book so far this year and I can’t see anything bettering it. Wonderful artwork and a great story that unfolds really nicely as it goes along.

Also, if I’ve not mentioned it already, Jason Shiga’s Demon series (2 of 4 released so far) is a great combo of sick humour and a ridiculously clever story.


read wilson by clowes. genuinely hilarious and heartbreaking. only really into comics with feels atm.


Have you read Killing & Dying? So many feels.


Been reading the new Doom Patrol recently by yer man Gerard Way, yes that Gerard Way

It’s pretty decent for someone who basically knew nothing about the original franchise or any of the other 5 reboots.


will give it a go.


In other Gerard Way, yes that Gerard Way, comics news, I heard there’s an Umbrella Academy film in the offing.


Netflix series I think


O ye that’s the one. Maybe it’ll be here as promptly as that Zelda Netflix series.


Saw a trailer for Atomic Blonde, which is the film based on The Coldest City and it seems they’ve turned the lead character into a female Jason Bourne.

Fuck off, cinema.


It says something about the state of my comics backlog when this recommendation is from January and I’ve only just got round to reading it now, but I’ve just read the first hardcover of Giant Days and I’m now completely in love with it. It’s the most engrossing comics comfort food ever, I started reading in the morning and ended up reading the whole thing twice in one day I was that into it. I’ve got a couple of nitpicks about how it looks like the artists have never set foot in Sheffield or possibly the UK at all, but honestly it’s so good at selling the story that it doesn’t really matter that much. The hardcover collects the first 8 issues + bonus material, and Boom website is showing that the issues are somewhere in the thirties atm, so by my count that means they’ve got another three hardcovers’ worth to crank out.

In other recently read news, the Nick Cave biog Mercy On Me by Reinhardt Kleist was a brilliant read, would recommend it as a must to any Nick Cave fan. And The Wicked + The Divine continues to be outstanding in singles, I’m a bit sad to see this drawing into the final act now, because I love it whenever a new issue comes out, I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed.

I did see that Warren Ellis and Goran Parlov have teamed up again for a Punisher Vietnam series for Marvel Max, which is obviously amazing news because their Fury series from about 5 years ago is legitimately one of the best comics Marvel have ever published. I’m probably going to dip a toe in on the upcoming Mark Waid run on Captain America, to bolster my ever shrinking pile of monthlies.


Yeahhh I’m still an avid reader! Really need to re-home the collection soon, running out of shelf space :sweat_smile:


What comics / graphic novels should I put on my Christmas list guys? I’ve not read anything all year.


Will drop a megapost when I get a few mins


likewise actually


don’t know why i needed to say actually on the end there


All with jumped-up-indie-prick caveat - these are very much to my tastes and I find it very hard to be objective. There’s no superheros or anything by Marvel or DC.

Graphic Novels

The Sound of The World by Heart - Giacomo Bevilacqua
Beautiful art and a story that unfolds unexpectedly. It’s about a guy who decides to try and spend 30 days in New York without talking to anyone, but it’s sooooo much more.
Probably the best thing I’ve read this year.

The Best We Could Do - Thi Bui
Memoir of a family leaving war-torn vietnam for California. Beautifully and simply told; an occasionally funny and often tragic story about family and stuff.

Livestock - Hannah Berry
Hannah Berry’s books always leave just enough of the plot for you to piece together yourself, which I love. This creepy tale about celebrity and political spin that manages to be skate close to, but still avoid, “oh it really makes you think”.

Spinning - Tillie Waldron
Tillie Waldron’s books are usually very economic with wording and art - in a good way - she leaves a tonne of space. This is her longest, most detailed book and it’s an autobiographical coming of age story. It will break your heart and teach you a bit about figure skating.

Comic collected editions
(only doing ones that are finished, not ongoing)

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank
Four dweeby kids decide to rob a bank. A heist caper with inhalers, special dice, catapults and some bad, bad people.

Snow Blind
I love Tyler Jenkins’ art so much. So, so much. I mean LOOK at this cover:

The story is great too; kid angry at his parents takes an embarrassing photo of his dad and it goes viral. Trouble is, his did is in witness protection.


Is anyone reading the new Kate Bishop Hawkeye series? Do you like it?

I searched through the thread but it seems mostly to be people saying they’re going to read it.


Will definitely pick it in trade. I think Hawkeye has been consistently great since the Fraction/Aja run.


Oh I’ve read the first Kate Bishop trade (anchor points) and yeah, it’s really good.



I really liked the Fraction/Aja run (didn’t get the volumes after) and have been tempted by this.