Comics Thread (Forever)


trying not to be irked by Bemis writing Moon Knight. But it’s too fanboy - an editor should have kept that peppyness down a little, coz right now it’s in fanfic territory


not current, but I just started reading Hellboy for the first time (never seen the films, didn’t really know anything about it)

obviously absolutely fucking love it. have been tearing through volume after volume. the mixture of mythology with the wit and truly staggering art is unbelievable. also just the way that you feel such a strong connection to Hellboy straight away is really amazing.

god i love comics.


also, Bendis going to DC exclusively is pretty massive news, eh?


Yeah absolutely! Any indication yet what he’ll be writing? I only got into comics when he was already a bit of a joke, anything good by him you’d recommend?


Yeah, it’s a big move! I think it’s an all-round win too.


Bendis? Christ, where to start.

I think Powers is incredible (gets better as it goes on) and although it’s only one volume, United States of Murder is brilliant!

For his Marvel-superhero stuff, check out his work on Alias (Jessica Jones), Ultimate Spider-Man (Mike Morales), Invincible Iron Man and Daredevil.


his daredevil with alex maleev is easily one of my favourite things ever. the whole Netflix marvel universe is basically all Bendis’ creation tbh.


Is there a 2018 thread?

I just got this lot:

Any recommendations in there?


I’ve only read Bottled from that lot, which was alright and worth a read.

Super Spy is written by Matt Kindt who writes one of my current favourite series (Grass Kings), so that might be good too.


ooh, Essex County is further down and that’s really good. Nothing happens in it, but it’s really good.


omg spoilers



Finished the abominable Mr. Seabrook by Joe Ollmann yesterday. Very good. Really hard to pitch a biography in that spot between empathy and judgment of someone’s flaws and its really nicely done. Recommend


like @sadpunk says Essex County is great, Lemire is right up there with my all time favourites now


Same - Essex County, After Death, Descender, Plutona, Black Hammer and Royal City are all wonderful.


I love Lemire’s more grounded stuff. I was wondering why you left The Underwater Welder off your list, did you not enjoy it so much or just not got round to it yet?


Not read it yet or Sweet Tooth, the man’s crazy productive! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve no idea how he does it as well as his own art half the time. I need to get round to his X-Men run at some point as well.


Ah man Sweet Tooth is incredible, I’m about 2/3rds of the way through the Underwater Welder at the moment as well and it’s right up there with his best stuff.


Haven’t read it for years, but at the time I loved Box Office Poison.


I found the first two volumes of Matt Fraction’s Iron Man run in an Oxfam recently. Really enjoyed them - probably the straightest writing of his I’ve read (and a real change of pace since recently it’s just been Sex Criminals) but I’m really impressed with how he just nails the techno/SF thriller vibe of it pretty much from the off.

Can’t help but think the first volume, where Stark is in charge of SHIELD and Obediah Stane’s kid turns up looking for revenge would make a great post-Thanos MCU film.