Coming to you live from the surface of the Sun, it's the Thursday thread!

Did not sleep well. Too much warm.

However we’re all allowed to WFH because of the heat so that’s good.


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Enjoying a nice hot coffee before the atmosphere literally ignites.


Same. Also just popped some cold brew in the fridge so I can be both cool and caffeinated later on.

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I’m wearing a jumper and considering putting the heating on, lads.


Morning @McGarnagle, @epimer, everyone

At work already so I’ll have a nice early finish for once, trying to figure out if I should go for a swim, a walk, or home to hide from the sun.

Hope you all survive today okay, it’s 33 here which is bad enough but seems it’s 36 back home… fuck that.

Did @shrewbie check in yesterday or has he dehydrated and died?


How’s the winter down under?

Morning @AQOS.

A swim sounds absolutely delightful already and it’s going to get so much hotter.

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Lame man. It barely gets as far as mid-Autumn in UK terms. It wouldn’t even be a blip except houses are built from tin and wood with single-glazing so you’re completely fucked as far as avoiding the temperature.

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morning all :wave:

have gone for the wfh option today, wondering whether my WiFi reaches to my garden so I can work from there (in the shade of course). might try and use my lack of a commute to do something useful, but realistically I’ll just sit around faffing :man_shrugging:

Morning all :sunny:

It’s a very chilly 29 in Bristol today. Looks like things are a bit nippy out there, might have to take a jacket into work :thinking:

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Want death. Why did I drink last night?


Best to be on the safe side and layer up.

Because life.

I had three pints last night with no dinner and feel a bit shonky today :grimacing:

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On a train to London, aren’t I? Only just got on and already it’s too warm and smells bad. If we make it on time I think it’ll be a miracle.

Luckily I’m staying in a (probably) windowless hotel room tonight that will be air con’d to the max.


this is a hangover and a half. uhhhhh

Should probably take the time to grit the driveway as well. You can never be too careful.

Touch my bum, this is life.


Can’t see that written anywhere without breaking out in a huge grin

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Absolute poetry.

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