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In 2002 The Vines were labelled as “The New Nirvana”. Well that was eight years after Kurt killed himself, and now the time between The Vines being labelled “The New Nirvana” and the present day is MORE THAN DOUBLE the time between the time that The Vines were labelled as “The New Nirvana” and Kurt killing himself!

Doesn’t that make you feel old?


But who is the new new Nirvana?

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Any day now they will be the new Nirvana

Going bald was the new Nirvana
Staying out late was the new Nirvana
Dressing your child as a prostitute was the quickest route to fame
Girls Aloud were the new Nirvana
Then any old shit was the new Nirvana


Love these threads. This is a great one.

(Here come the boring people to make cracks about that being how time works)

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Imagine if a new band had an interview in Kerrang and it was labelled MEET THE NEW THE DATSUNS


"I was a directionless teenager living in Perth but the first time I heard the D4, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life’


Gotta be due a garage rock revival revival soon

I think of punk happening as being an ancient remote thing. But as I was getting into music, it was less than 15 years in the past. So closer then than Britpop, Nu Metal or the Strokes et al are to kids getting into music is now.


Went to see The Vines in 2002. I didn’t think they were the new Nirvana, I thought they were shit and that made me feel old then.

  • Tim Vine
  • Jeremy Vine
  • The Vines

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Odd how all the nirvana knock offs came from down under. The Vines, Silverchair and absolutely no other bands.

I remember back when Fountains Of Wayne were trumped as the new Nirvana

Hah! Nah this was originally on the other board, and that’s usually what happens.

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More time has passed between the release of nevermind and now than passed between the construction of the pyramids and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

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Wow. It really makes you think, doesn’t it?

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