Common Misconceptions / Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a collective misremembering of a fact or event.

I literally just discovered that not only did Cat Stevens not write Cat’s In The Cradle, but literally never even covered it. My opinion had less credibility than thinking it was an Ugly Kid Joe song. Still taking all this in, the person who informed me of the truth said he’s had to explain this multiple times.

What the fuck.

Not even sure where the memory came from where I was so sure he did the original. Wasn’t even a maybe in my brain though, was as certain as it gets.

I fucking KNEW it.

Any other music related examples of this you got? If it’s not music related, don’t filth up this thread you dirty, dirty dirt.
Maybe you’re still carrying some around right now? Let’s unearth all the stupid people and throw tomatoes at them.

Mozart had nothing to do with the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :astonished:

Mozart had nothing to do with the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :astonished:

Did he just do the lyrics then?


beats by wolfgang

We Are The Champions doesnt end with ‘of the world’

Wait what?

As in that isn’t the last line in the song, or at no point does the lyric “of the world” follow the lyric “we are the champions”?

The last line of the song

Oh I get it now, like when that song gets played in a grotty club and it abruptly stops after “we are the champions” but 84% of the smashed up people (obvs smashed as that’s the only audience for we are the champions) still sing the “of the world” bit with no regard for Queen’s original vision.

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bit of a long read, but this from vice about the (berenstein?) bears is good for a laugh

Please explain the link to music with this.

oh shit, thought this was the social board. what a disgraceful mistake to have made.

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That’s a common misconception


Not music related but thought hummus was Greek for about 10-15 years.

I guess if you want a music one there’s how everyone thinks ks it’s called Killing in the Name Of, but that’s more just about people being wrong, eh?

You mean people think the song title is Killing In The Name Of as opposed to Killing In The Name?

You’re right, that’s pretty weak.

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Hey mate, you’re the one who thinks Cat’s in the Cradle and Father and Son are the same song due to lyrical similarities.

Go smash a plate of hummus

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Alright mate, have fun on the ants bus. Bants

Eh? What has Cat Stevens got to do with Harry Chapin?

Is this like Roger the Cabin Boy but only one person thought it instead of everyone?

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There is at least one other person who thought this

I was corrected from this mistake when I went to an exhibition somewhere in Toowoomba

Maybe it’s just something about Australia that does this?