Common Misconceptions / Mandela Effect

or shitty mp3 tagging from the early days of pirating


(I actually have no dispute with your original post, to be honest, aside from the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star thing.)

Bryan adams didnt do Summer of 69!

Had the same with Feta. Thought it was greek until an angry Bulgarian Uber driver told me differently.

I’ve never listened to any Feta. What album do you recommend to start with?

Wow, I had no idea it wasn’t him!

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Americans get very heated about this Berenstain Bears thing, but we didn’t have it here. Plus I doubt many think Mandela died in the 80s as we aren’t completely ignorant and have closer ties to South Africa (I suppose).

All of the examples I have seen are just fuzzy minds or false assumptions. I do like the idea that you can pin down which timeline you are in by how you remember the name of a TV show, or the last lyric to a song, or if Pikachu had a black end to his tail or not.

I do remember the Berenstain Bears and would have said it was ‘stein’ but surely that’s just because ‘stein’ is the kind of thing that names end in and ‘stain’ isn’t (or is much less common) so you’re going to think it was Berenstein.

No, it ends with Ron Pickering shouting ‘AWAY YOU GO!’

During the Eurovision scoring process, countries have only ever announced their top three.

This means that at no point during the entire history of the Eurovision Song Contest have the words “nul points” ever been spoken on air.

So how did it become a catchphrase?


It reminds me of that “it doesn’t do anything” phrase that everyone hunted for in all kinds of TV shows and books;f=32;t=000374;p=0

People who think that Bowie is pronounced Bauw-ee despite the man himself pronouncing it Bow-ee


It’s referenced on the latest Run The Jewels album:

Back in the Berenstein timeline zip / no wins for the kid / oh shit I got curved
In the Berenstain riff / I’m a Biff, so sick / when the clock is lit / the whip swerve

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You understand how people pronounce this bit of a ship, though, right?

Always found it odd people get shirty about his name. It was years before I heard him say it on film and actually I think most people say it kind of between the two.

‘ow’ seems to be split pretty evenly amongst words that sound like ‘ow’ and ones that sound like ‘oh’.

I wasn’t getting shirty. I could just see people getting a bit Mandela Effect about it in the future “I swear it used to be Bowie and now everyone’s calling him Bowie” etc.

Hate to stick up for DeFonto given his questionable human rights record, but i’d be willing to wager money that in a public poll, either open answer or multiple choice, at least 50% of people would say Cat Stevens sang that song. I certainly would have. In fact, i’d probably have told you the album it’s (not actually) on.





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Dog Eat Dog didn’t do Who let the Dogs out!!!

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