Commonly used phrases that don’t really make sense


Not in the case of our baby. She just slept like a log.

Of course. She went to bed fairly late and was up at like 5am.

You must be one of the oldest members of DiS. Congratulations!

Well there’s always an exception that proves the rule

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“quantum leap” should be a really tiny thing


Where’s that thread?? Now I’m worried I look like the megabus man. He has my eyes ffs

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Isn’t it about everything rolling downhill? Rainwater, shit etc

Now I’ve written it down that doesn’t sound quite right.

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Especially nonsensical when we also have ‘uphill struggle’

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‘Turned round and said’

The amount of times I hear that said. If literally done, people would be constantly spinning on the spot.

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“Under the weather”

yeah of course I am.