Commonwealth Games

So are we all watching then? Or is the time difference going to be too much for most people?

I’m a bit bummed because I had planned to be there, had tickets to about 15 events and accommodation sorted, but it wasn’t to be.

First big shocker this morning was the Brownleea both failing to medal. A Scots guy did get a bronze but the BBC forgot about that it seems :woman_shrugging:

Can’t believe titles can’t have more than one emoji by the way! :ping_pong: :field_hockey: 🚴‍♂ :women_wrestling: 🏊‍♂

Definitely going to stay up to watch the Netrunner finals, but that’s it.

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I’m not going to see as much of this as I would have liked, due being asleep or at work, but I’ll try and catch up on the highlights. I wonder if they’ll have some of the specific events in full on the iPlayer? Think they did last time.

I’ll only be watching this as I do with most major sporting events, with an eye on doping I suppose. Have never ever been fussed with the CGs

track and field starts on sunday so probs won’t watch anything before that

It’s a really really weird concept innit. Might watch some of it but :man_shrugging:

Hmm, would prefer crowing about people failing doping to have its own thread to be honest if you don’t mind.

That’s cool, tbh, if it wasn’t for BBC sport on my twitter feed, I’d never realised it was on.

Currently enjoying Scotland smashing South Africa at the :field_hockey:

See Australia are the first Team Pursuiters to go below 3:50, setting a new WR in the process. Impressive

Spoke too soon, SA have mounted a comeback :woman_facepalming:


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Is your record skipping?

Turns out this is just completely on at the wrong time of day for me to be able to watch any of it properly.

Joshua Cheptegi :muscle:

She got two medals but I’m all out of whack with my timing/catching up. KA is my hero. She’s cool as.


I like that she doesn’t look like a typical athlete. Like after her events she’s red faced and sweating, like I would.


where’s Ian Thorpe?
swimming is so boring and he’s the only person who made it bearable

He’s doing punditry stuff for Australian TV. Channel 7, I think, if you can get that where you are.