Communal Food Diary 29/01/2018 (not rolling, just today)

So far today I have had:
1x American style pancake w/ honey & cream
1x Ferrero Roche
2x Custard Creams
2x Choco Digestives
2x Coffee



Apple and blueberry porridge
Belvita choc chip soft bake thingy
Bag of lentil curls

1x mug of tea

1 x banana
1 x smoothie (banana, strawberry, spinach, yoghurt and flax seeds)
1 x coffee

1 x bowl of bran flakes
2 x mugs of tea

Tesco sesame bagel, toasted. One half with Tesco own brand Nutella.
Bottle of water with Robinson’s Apple and Blackcurrant.

Fucking hell guys bit healthy in here

Need to know what the other half was with

1x slice of toast with peanut butter and honey
1x cup of tea
2x penicillin tablets
2x paracetamol & caffeine tablets
~8x pints of water

1x coffee
fruit and nut granola
tea brewing

if we’re including this sort of thing I’ve had 1x joint and 1x cigarette too
That’s right, I had a smoke and a pancake.


1 x slice of Gail’s Sourdough toast with whole earth smooth peanut butter
1 x Slice of Gail’s Sourdough toast with sunflower spread and raspberry jam
2 x cups of earl grey tea, black, no lemon.
1 x nespresso coffee
1 x pack (cause theres 2 in a pack) of those shit nature valley dark choco dry arsed cereal bars. It was all they had in the vendy that I could eat and i’m going for a late-ish lunch.
1 ltr of water.

Actually I’m lying - both halves were snide Nutella.

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Still January, isn’t it? We’re all still pretending we eat like grown-ups.

1x bowl of Special K Red Berries with almond milk
1x Redbush tea

Pretty hungry mates tbh

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1 slice of toast with peanut butter and jam.
1 cup of spiced apple tea.
1 cup of miso soup.

2 x coffee
1 x orange juice
A fry up: 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 hash brown, scrambled eggs, beans, 2 toast


Slow run up but cannoned into the net at the death there