Communal Food Diary 29/01/2018 (not rolling, just today)

2 x cinnamon and raisin bagel

topping plz

2 x cup of black coffee

Get some food in you silly


It was great. No one else in there either (in a Travelodge y’see) :ok_hand:

It’s nearly lunchtime!

Last time I was in a travelodge the breakfast was a run of cornflakes and a carton of juice. I’m irked.


1 x bowl of muesli
1 x handful of blueberries

Had an absolutely disgusting weekend food-wise, so

Going for ETHIOPIAN food for an m9’s birthday tonight innit, can’t bladdy wait.

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not eaten today

Really want some pie now. I need to go the supermarket after football tonight and there will be pie available.

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Co-Op fruit pies are the best imho

How do you do the peanut butter and jam?
Are you doing the peanut butter first then loads of jam?
I don’t think i’d like this.

1 x fizzy water out of the fizzy water tap
1 x tea (Tetley’s)
1 x coffee (brazilian nespresso)
1 x golden wonder S&V crisps.

Off to Paesano for pizza lunch and will report back later.

Co-op do the best of zero products

Pint of Vimto cordial.
Rump steak with garlic butter.
Cup of tea (Yorkshire, milk, one sugar).

It’ll probably be a Morrison’s one but I could detour to Co-op…

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you ever work for Ashurst? best thing about them was the fizzy water tap

What kind of sugar