Community facebook groups


my mate just sent me some extracts from his local community facebook group

are you a member of your local community’s group?


No but the local for sale group has been a goldmine for the Terrible things… thread.


No. I don’t even know if there is one!

@plasticniki did the ice cream wars of Forest Hill (?) ever resolve themselves?


I’m on 2

1 just for my Street , pretty quiet

1 for the Hanover area of Brighton (which I live just outside) - it’s handy for the occasional thing (got a bargain dishwasher from it for example) but is notoriously batshit. I’ve shared a couple of things from there already on the terrible things thread. It’s mainly just people asking dull questions that they could easily google though


aye i’ve a vague memory of you posting a giant chewbacca made out of wood or something?


Sure am!


Today alone.



That wasn’t local unfortunately.

I’ve had a peep at the community group and it looks like I’m missing out on some serious chat.


if you think that’s dull…


I am indeed. Often a great source of beeve-based amusement and stuff like this

Top comment on the second one “enough is enough lets catch these little shits :rage:


yeah. i got told off for ripping on people before on here :frowning:


“it’s alan!” has done me


this, by miles, is my favourite post from the eltham group



Way too many buy sell swap groups. We just need the one.
The best group is a grime group and some lady has joined and shared the page for their crocheting group :heart_eyes:


the smaller than horses bit makes me lose it every single time i got back to it. i love it so much.


Yep, one for Catford / Lewisham and another for Penge. They are both pretty bad. The latter has quite a few racist people spouting bollocks which I repeatedly flag and challenge.


eltham has a lot of people telling anyone asking (which is in fact no one) that the stephen lawrence murder WASN’T RACIALLY MOTIVATED ACTUALLY.


after nearly 5 years only just found out last week my place of work has a for sale page on the intranet. Can only imagine the bargains I have missed out on


I’m in one and it was handy for recommending tradespeople but muted it now as it’s 90% mums looking for ballet/dance/gymnastics classes.