Community facebook groups


what’s currently looking good? might be interested.


shit i would KILL for that group. £££££


I’m not on community Facebook groups.


Are you a ballet teacher?


i employ about 10 of them


send a couple to Mapperley, Nottm. They won’t be short of work.





But where can you get the best curry Tim? WHERE?


an advert from someone asking for a good solicitor to sort out a lease after the death of their partner


never read my actual hometown one anymore, think it’s mainly just people complaining about other people driving too fast etc.

still read the local labour party + shipley feminist zealots groups


absolute bargain


Dunno why, but actual LOLs at this.


Must be tempting to recommend somewhere and include that photo of @epimer 's disaster.


We have a ‘juicy gossip’ group, which mainly consisted of awful people being racist and moaning about shite, so I made a fake account for it and I’ve had a lot of fun so far winding people up…


“The good lady wife and I are planning a much needed night out and we’re a bit bored of Indian Summer …” JUST FUCKING PICK SOMEWHERE


Right - I’m reactivating Facebook.


…for an hour


Or just look up where people recommended last time the question was asked, which must have been as long ago as last week.


My wife is on a couple of Wimbledon ones - mostly people objecting to planning applications from what I can tell.


Literally all of my local estate group is about cars being vandalised and attempted break-ins which is odd because I’ve never noticed any of it.