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And take a photo of it next to a tiny fridge


I would match-fund their current donations, pound for pound, for the privilege of being the driver.

“Only in Meersbrook”

you’ve got that right!

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Saw a lad with a Just Eat backpack riding one of those a few weeks ago. It’s a daft bollocks contraption anyway, but totally impractical for that kind of thing surely.

Legs will be knackered towing it back



FAO @shrewbie


that’s so good

FAO of @Scout too because I bet she would have made that sort of thing for her rats.

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I’m in a couple of Brighton groups. The Hanover one is really quite good, but “Brighton People” is full of the opposite sort of people to me, but I don’t leave because it’s important to hear views outside your own bubble. They hate the Green council and they hate cyclists and they hate students. They’re also very easy to wind up, which I take great delight doing:


Somehow I’ve heard all about that group as it comes up in conversation at around 3 hours 7 minutes here!!! Simon Price’s takes sound somewhat less diplomatic than yours, though they did make me chortle.

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Yep - he’s got it right there. There’s not been much seagull chat recently, but that might just be what facebook serves me up. Maybe it knows I cycle so puts the posts from gammon faced petrol heads in front of me to get a rise.

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£50, for bed slats


They’re planning on building a bridge over the river in my home village and all the fb comments are like ‘:rage::rage::rage: what an eyesore, we don’t even need a bridge’

  • Yeah that’s an eyesore
  • Perfectly nice bridge

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They do look like the good IKEA ones we have tbf