Community facebook groups


Do you have an alibi for these events?


It truly is a lot of fun





This one’s pretty great. They’ve been passing these increasingly sad looking helium balloons around for a good few weeks now.



I know this isn’t the same but I love this so much (although no one else really does).



I’m a member of the local residents’ association one (pretty much decent people and very friendly/supportive/positive) and also a wider Leytonstone one (which is generally okay, but does have too many moaning, pro-car, racist posts from baby boomers who have often moved out of the area).

I’m also a member of the local pro-Mini Holland group too, which is very positive and full of good people.


Wtf is this about its like a passage from Edgar Allen poe




Oh god, the number of people who complain about how unfair it is when they get fined for not following the obvious road signs and markings…


I’ll keep an eye out for that hole.



This is no suprise


I think most places would be better places to live if more people got involved in local groups and campaigning.

(also, membership gets us discounts in lots of local shops)


I am not, because the main one for Clitheroe is “if you thought that I remember the corned beef of my childhood was misplaced nostalgia for idyllic 1950s Britain that never actually existed…”


I assumed you were in like 1000 of these groups.


No. I just dabble in them out of morbid curiosity and to make cautionary tales of how not to act online when I get old.

This meant something very different before 2016, but I have a recurring nightmare about turning into a gammon.


This article covers Hanover Community Notice Board nicely. The first one is hilariously irksome.


From my local group. Posted today.


Not a fan, but only had 1 experience.

not on facebook (of course!) but my wife was tagged in one when a bunch of fuckers tried to take my cat home because he “looked cold and must be a stray/locked out” to be outside at 1am.

Nevermind he had been sat on my lap in the lounge 5 minutes earlier all toasty and had blatantly just gone for a piss and to see whats happening outside.

Just because you’ve got pissed at the hare and are a do-gooder don’t try and take my cat away and post about it on facebook.