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Oh yeah, all the fireworks knobheads will be out on Sunday night won’t they?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I particularly love this one because it’s my community forum!


I have questions


Do you want a boring explanation?

People probably use them to help with art and drawing

Yeah fine but why did she buy two bags of hands???

Misheard big bag o’ cans I reckon



It’s no good, I cannot get this to scan with Girlfriend in a Coma


Potholes In My Lawn, perhaps?

Sounds more like a mole-friend in a hole-ah…

Huge news locally.


Not trying to be a dick but these sort of posts are what local community groups are good for -

That hedge is blocking the pavement for wheelchair users, prams, mobility scooters and probably loads of others.

If the roads in the Uk weren’t absolute Grand Prix tracks it might be ok but….they’re not


Yeah I get that, it’s just the way it’s been made as a headline.

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Unless that’s the world’s fastest growing hedge I feel like local people already know this. Would be better to directly put something through the door of the property in charge than just announce this, wouldn’t it? Or if it’s a council matter (which I assume stuff encroaching on a pavement actually might be, them?

Leave it until the end of the month so nesting seasons finished imho.

Even though you’re allowed to cut if it’s blocking a path

Why not both?

Other locals with similar overhanging vegetation may be prompted to cut theirs if a bunch of people in the group pile in with a reply to this pointing out how obnoxious it is. Not hugely likely, but you never know.

Along with the already huge amount of encroachment into pedestrian spaces by sundry street furniture and clutter (newcomer: EV charging points), overhanging hedges are very antisocial.

Even when someone does prune, it’s usually still really frustrating cos they just get the electric trimmer out and do the absolute minimum haircut required (if that) and it just ends up growing back even bigger and denser.

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At work we don’t cut hedges until October because of nests