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I don’t know what to say :slight_smile: :expressionless: :frowning:

Maybe send him the link to the group?

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“Your cat is dead, I’ve put him in the grit bin”

At least the salt will keep it fresh, I guess.


That’ll be a lovely surprise for whoever comes to grit the streets next winter, an 8 month old cat carcass :upside_down_face:


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For God’s Sack.


Why are people in Bristol voting in the French election?

I guess that person was entitled to vote in that election? It’s possible they were not and were just posing an edgy hypothetical.

Ah sorry, I read it as there being lots of posts about it. Get you now.

There are still a load of those Lexit types who consider themselves Leftwing and would vote that way be they think Le Pen would be more likely to lead to revolution just like they thought it would with Trump. Deranged.

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I mean, like for the sack, but the cars could stop

I mean, fine, don’t abandon your toy car in the woods but the post comes across as though someone has dumped an old sofa and a load of car tyres down there.


Don’t go to Brenda looking for lost property


The perspectives of this photo is really throwing me…

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Yeah cannot work out if that’s a car a child sits in or just a large toy.

Think it’s one of those sit-in cars

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