Community facebook groups


Love how they added the second bit to ruin their already shit joke.


Quite. Also, every other bellend popped up making the same shit joke too.

“Dont get Trev involved. His Birds are different to yours. lol”
“Can just imagine the birds you are watching Fish :crazy_face::grin:


My least favourite Facebook thing is some news story like “man shits in plastic bag, throws it at horse” and then 500 replies, and I click cause maybe something interesting has occurred and it’s 500 replies of “[tagged] @Hugh Butter-Cake can’t believe they tracked you down mate”


just now.


And did anyone reply to your question?


Am a member of my local one - my suburb is pretty big and varies from reasonably middle class to upper middle class and is full of families, so you can imagine the overly-entitled types…not a great mix given that Kiwis are massively passive aggressive, so there’s a lot of calling out of behaviour, like this from today

Person literally films a truck from five metres away and then asks if anyone knows them, rather than just speaking to them or phoning them…

We also get lots of “someone with an Indian accent rang me claiming to be from Microsoft support. Watch out, they’re scammers!” and then 30 responses of “SCAM!”. Like the scammers are going through the phone book suburb by suburb…


I’m in a group for posting pictures of Sheffield, even though I don’t live there anymore. Loads of people complaining about the mayor.


came here to post about this. it’s an absolutely bonkers insight into a very small subsection of society. a friend used to live close enough to be a member and it was endless entertainment. think the last one i remember was a full on row about whether it was safe to let children eat granola


There have been a lot of people banging on about how smart meters fry your brain recently


They do come down hard on the anti vaxxers most of the time though


Briefly dipped into a local group and it was genuinely almost always people complaining about aggressive dogs or old folk finding scarves and wrapping them to trees.



Also is this person rolling their eyes AT THEMSELVES?


I had no idea these existed


I loved that, particularly as I have other friends in the area who I was discussing it with too.

I am afraid to look up ones for my area as they are likely to be full of NIMBY racists.

That utterly random ‘Jumanji’ one has done me. Now imagining them going around graffiti-ing names of other mid-table fantasy films around: “D.A.R.Y.L.”, “*Batteries Not Included”, “Cocoon II”

This story has made me a bit sad :cry: - nothing against you posting it just recalling times my daughter got totally wound up by something she couldn’t understand and how it’s both wildly frustrating but heartbreaking at the same time.


Oh nothing but slightly shrill giggling from me re: horses and donkeys and their size difference. It’s just gold in terms of a parent thinking out loud in kid-mind mode


did someone on the old boards not post once about an acquaintance shouting “JUMANJI!” at the point of climax? might have been in the “can i cum on your tits mate?” thread…



I’d love to be in a nice one of these with lots of stupid posts. I was briefly in a group that I thought would be some gentle self-deprecating humour about Tunbridge Wells, but no, it was overwhelmingly people being absolutely disgusting about homelessness and unironically claiming RTW was ‘worse than a third world country’ because a load of the shops in the shopping centre are closed


Mine has gone blitz spirit cause of the snow.