Community facebook groups


I’ve enjoyed this thread so much I’ve just joined my local group… time to go goldpanning!


Oh good, pure home county horrendousness


Ours is really boring. Only has a few posts a week - folk moaning about the bin men, dog shit, or CCTV clips of folk walking down the street (‘up to something’ or otherwise) at 3am.

There’s one for the wider area too that is much more active (mainly with people having their cars pinched) but there’s the ongoing saga of the 47 bus terminating outside Sainsbury’s and the apparent inability of many locals to be able to drive around a bus at a bus stop - It causes CHAOS apparently.


Oh there’s a ‘Past and Present’ page too, useful for a bit of local history, old photos and all that.

However, for every interesting historic photo, there’s about 15 posts with drivel like this:

54 people have shared some chat about eating chips out of the bag!



Don’t ever look at them because they’re quite bleak and very ‘middle England’


I’m guessing you’ll be familiar with Jon Little, then? He did a talk at a Sustrans thing I was at in Dundee the other week. Seems like a good lad.

Also there was Mikael Colville-Anderson, who didn’t hold back - :grinning:


Just had a look at mine and it’s delivered :smiley:


Yeah, I don’t think he’s been as involved in the implementation phase compared to putting the bid together, but he’s got a good grasp of what’s going on here. It’s good to see that he’s still championing the work in the borough - a quick glance at his twitter feed shows that it’s largely boosting news of the work being done in the borough.

It’d be interesting to go to a Sustrans event - I get the impression that they’re struggling to remain relevant amongst urban transport types who see them as being weak and lacking ambition - they’ve largely been bypassed in London these days.


Aye, he - and the event in general - were good in terms of giving overviews and providing jumping off points for going away after and following up on whatever was most of interest. Sustrans are effectively the gatekeepers to a lot of ScotGov active travel dosh, which helps keep their ‘relevance’ levels up round these parts.


That’s a shame, but hopefully they’re a bit more dynamic than their English counterparts, who have a reputation for spending all their time trying to secure long-distance, muddy tracks riddled with gates, rather than calling for the kind of interventions that embed active transit within daily life.



Missed this excitement the other night:


Now deleted gammony content from my local one.

Her indoors provides the screenshot here (and the image of the email you see is all he provided), I’m not on the group because it’s full of gruesome reports of somebody being attacked and it’ll just make me afeared to step out my own front door.


“election times”


proper blitz spirit stuff here


any gelato related beeves?


They’re still at it:


there’s something oddly endearing about this


I hope it carries on all year and then the balloon pass on balloons can have their own birthday balloons next year.