Community facebook groups


The group admin went a bit facist and decided everyone should message them their address, so they can go round and check that people on the group actually live on the estate because apparently that will stop youths from trying to nick cars.

Obviously most people’s response to that was ‘FO, M’ and it kicked off briefly. Deleted the post now :smiley:


just now


That’s the gf’s birthday. Think I’ve found the perfect surprise present.


Surely they’d have better luck getting a suitable audience by not publishing the time or place?







Let’s hope that gets cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


My friend has just sent me this from an app called Nextdoor (never heard of it but apparently it’s basically a community Facebook thingy) and this is potentially the poshest thing I’ve ever heard. Genuinely couldn’t tell you what a quince is



Quince is what I call Quorn Mince.

Shit fact.


Previous house had a quince tree overhanging the back garden. Thought my gf was winding me up because I’d never heard of them either.

She made a load of quince jam that I refused to eat for reasons that I’m sure made sense at the time but have since* forgotten.



I’ll raise you this.



:smile: I’m with you, eps. I’ve lived my life thus far without quinces and I doubt I’m missing much. Reckon they’ll be the next big trend? Bet quince gin exists already tbf.

Also @sadpunk that is a lovely fact and if you don’t mind I will be stealing that


I don’t mind at all.

In fact, I think we should reclaim quince from posh fruitists and make it the official branding for the meat-free mince. Mo Farah would love it.


That is so terribly mansplaining isn’t it. Just give her the goddamn quince press.

Quince gin is already a thing, my pal had a quince tree and made quince everything


Have you ever eaten quince jelly or membrillo? They’re made from it.


Bit presumptuous.




Doesn’t matter, wasn’t funny.