Community Swipe Day - Swiped anything lately?

Talk in here about anything you’ve swiped in the last 10-12 days

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Swiped right on a very very attractive man, who I matched with but dunno what to say to him as he doesn’t give much away in his profile. Probably won’t reply anyway. Help pls DiS

I swiped two apples from the kitchen earlier even though it’s one piece of fruit per person

Do I feel bad about it? Yes, a little.

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Ask him if he’s swiped anything in the last 10-12 days


Swiped the toiletries from the hotel I stayed in last Thursday

Just swiped a doughnut from the coffee point when I already had one this morning. DOUBLE DOUGHNUT SHAME.



Swiped this book from my sisters room


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Whenever I use my phone I swipe the screen to make something happen, so this happens fairly regulary both:

  • In the last 10-12 days
  • In the last 0-10 days and
  • In the last 12-1634 days
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Let me stop you just there, I’m actually talking about “swiping” not swiping.

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I might start saying swipe for wipe with regards to my/others arse/s. Will give it a spin for a couple of weeks.

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Love that, mate. Fucking love it (with all my heart)

Oh my mistake.

I was in a hotel 10 days ago where I swiped some extra toiletries for the room from an unguarded cleaning cart.

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All of the doors in my campus have electronic locks so I have swiped or beeped into several rooms today.

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