No thread on one of the greatest comedy shows from the past 20 years? Well, I guess now would be a good time to start one…

‘Community’ Movie Is Finally Happening, at Peacock - Variety

Honestly, I am so happy right now. It’s probably one of my favourite shows ever (yes, even most of the 4th season) and I can’t believe we’re actually getting the film!


Tried to re-watch it recently and was put off by the “Tranny Queen” episode.

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i just remember something about paintball being really great

Became completely unwatchable when every episode just became a parody of something.


V exciting. Resigned to there being no Troy, but very much hope Shirley appears.

Probably only had two and a half great seasons, but those were two and a half really great seasons. Abed one of the greatest TV show characters


The Smashing Pumpkins of TV shows for me - I have this idea that it’s one of my favourites but I really only love the second and third seasons and it fell off once some of the main characters left

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I had to check the user name :smiley:

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Another vote for was decent up to season 3, didn’t bother long after that, no interest in a film

75 episodes up to the end of season 3 was enough. There was some great bits after that but it was a slog.

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Four is the only real slog season imo. 5 and 6 are really good (not up to the standard of 2 and 3, but what is tbh)

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Such a flawed masterpiece. Would say it’s my favourite ever comedy up to season 3 but couldn’t even get to the end of the series.

Doesn’t help when you get rid of the show creator and writer for a season and 3 of the main cast leave.

I seem to remember it getting really good again when Mike from Breaking Bad joined but then he ended up leaving too to make Better Call Saul

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Alison Brie doing the Christian Bale Batman voice, love her so much


Season 5 & 6 are criminally underrated. Lotta people turned off during season 4, but once Harmon is back, the change is significant.


Loved Community at the time but dunno if I can really stomach the TV Tropes humour anymore.

Jeff: “Wow Troy, you look so different, like you got hired for a Marvel movie!” WINK
Abed: “I interned on Captain America and shit myself.” WINK

That said, I thought the ending of Season 6 was nice and it’s obviously something that means a lot to the cast. I’ll have to try a rewatch at some point.

Watching this for the first time at the moment. It’s in that classic American comedy show area of me not quite finding the humour as funny as other people, however I am enjoying it more than I expected to.

Really enjoyed the first paintball episode, didn’t hate the Christmas claymation episode (i always hate Christmas episodes)… But i was really disappointed by the S1 finale and there are definitely some bits that have aged badly.

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The only thing in Community that has aged badly is the idea that Ken Jeong was ever funny

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