Commuter train

On a commuter train from Horsham to London Victoria right now.

A young girl left her big rucksack on her seat and wandered off down the train.

Within 2 minutes some of the other passengers around started to mildly panic. One demanded to speak to the driver, another started to look inside the bag with another going “I wouldn’t do that. You might set something off”, and another just moved to another carriage.

2 mins after that the girl returned (presumably she had gone to the loo) with the passengers scolding her for leaving a bag unattended.

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Pretty normal to leave a bag unattended on an overhead shelf or at the end of a carriage right? No different to leaving it on your seat.


Guessed it’s no coincidence that she’s not white.


While they’re dicks in this situation, I can understand Londoners on trains being jumpy about terrorist attacks


Always funny when someone finds a plastic bag in a shopping centre in a provincial town, reports it and there’s an evacuation

Remember a few years ago someone left their bag on a seat at the airport.

No mass panic, police or bomb squad like they constantly tell you, just the cleaner came over had a quick check inside it and presumably took it over to lost property.

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Also, how do these people cope when they get on a proper train and everyone dumps their bags in the luggage racks at the end of the carriage?

This is it, they wouldn’t have even noticed it if she was white.


Yeah I’ve had exactly the same on a train (ironically at Victoria). Station staffer did exactly the same.

If they called the bomb squad every time someone left a bag on a train there’d be no trains.

I always do this if I need a wee. Sorry, train lads.

I generally reserve that level of rage for aisle sitters and people who set up their portable office on the shared table.

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business numbers money people

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Solitary aisle sitters? Specifically the ones who huff loudly when asked if you can sit.

Was she supposed to take her rucksack to the loo with her just so people wouldn’t panic? Bizarre

I would file this under ‘pretty fucking racist’

Hmmm. Lots of people don’t have the confidence to ask people to move.

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i’m a seasoned aisle sitter, let me chime in - its completely fine to take the aisle seat when there’s a spare window, but you have to accept that the journey will be spent in a near constant state of readiness to gesture at the empty seat/stand aside.


If you want to take the aisle seat, fine, but STAND UP if someone wants to sit down.

People who swing their legs to the side are the absolute worst.


Big bad wolves?

was about to say this. do a corbyn quite a lot.