Commuters (with your computers)

Who here has got the longest commute?

Me: 3 hours to get to work, 2 hours to get home. Leave at 6AM, get home at 8PM.

Fuck that.


I should add this is a temporary (maybe 3 month thing). I’m not driving so plenty of cans on the train home.

That’s nothing!

12 minute bike ride.

Commuters (with your computers)
Everyone’s on bugle
We’re being watched by Google


I did a similar commute for the first two years of my current job, cannot believe I didn’t move up earlier.

40 minute walk to the station, hour and a half on a train, 10 minutes on the tube and then the same in reverse. Truly awful stuff.

15 minute stride in
20 minute dawdle home

I walk for about 45 minutes. So glad I don’t have to use the tube.

door to door 1:15 on the way 1:30 on the way back, small price to pay to not live in london (not really though)

did 2.5 hours there and 2.5 hours back for like 6 months. very nearly quit my job towards the end of that.

bout half an hour each way

Current commute is 15 mins on the Overground and a 10 minute walk to the office, could do it quicker but I like the little walk and having a seat on the Overground is a million times better than cramming onto a South Eastern service and then the tube

35ish minutes there, 45ish minutes back (because traffic)

Can’t complain, tbh.

about 90 mins each way.

2h to work and then the same back home for me (on average) so 4h in total. Leave my house at 7am and get home around 7:30-8:00pm. I get a commuter coach so in the winter I tend to sleep for most of that time, in the summer it’s kindle and Netflix on my tablet.

5 minute walk to the tube, 25 minute tube journey, 5 minute walk to the office.


1hr5m run home

My cycle should be about 40 minutes, I think, when I start doing that.

I’ve done 90 minute commutes for short periods before and they’re horrible. I never want to do that again.

Probably about an hour each way on average currently. Traffic magically gets lighter once the clocks go forward, so should knock 10 minutes off the journey in a few weeks time.

School holidays and the weekends are bliss because it takes 35-40 then.

Obviously would like it to be 10 minutes each way, but no major complaints cos I just sit there trundling along with my music up loud.

Currently a ~30 minute bike ride. Could only be bettered by a five minute walk I reckon.

Yeah I had 3 months or so in late 2010 working out of the Basildon Office. Was living about 10 mins from Mile End at the time. The commute was the walk to the tube, Central Line to Liverpool St, Walk to Fenchurch st (collect lunch and breakfast on the way), train to Basildon, cab to the office, both ways.

(Before I’m marckee’d, yes you can get a district line out to West Ham or Barking and collect the same train from Fenchurch street but the timing isn’t much different and it made claiming the travel expenses harder as some of that journey would be via Oyster top up. On the way home I would often swap to the district at West Ham as it was marginally quicker.)

A 5 min walk is too little contemplation time before and after work.