Commuters (with your computers)

If you put your commute into here:

How long does it say that it should take?

(just trying to gauge how long mine might take during rush hour)

20 mins. fuck anything longer.

The job i start week after next is about a 20 minute walk away. So excited about the prospect of being able to walk to work in london!!! Its a nice jaunt through the park too.


I still to this day think the lyric is ‘everyone’s on bugle, we’re being watched by google’

but sadly it isn’t. still a hilarious song, mind.

Currently 50 minutes in and about 45 minutes back (evening rush hour always seems to be a lot more spread out). Longer than I would usually consider but it’s only for a couple of months. Haven’t cycled it yet but I reckon it’s probably about 40 minutes…

Literally walk through clissold park and highbury fields. Delightful.

Well now I know why you’d walk: the 393 will take about 5 years to get you there.

Thought that bus was over 60s only

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About 45 minutes if I take the tube, about an hour if I take the overground. Before I moved to London it used to be about 1:45 - 2 Hrs each way.

dont want your job at starbucks (its too much of a commute)


I leave the house at 6:50am, 8 minute cycle to station, 45 minute train journey and into the office for 8am.

Homeward bound - leave office at 4:45pm, train just after 5pm, 40 minute journey then a 12 minute uphill cycle home. In the house just in time for Eggheads at 6pm.

70-80 minutes each way
wish i used a commuter coach
lights in trains are too bright

Depends. 30 mins each way if I take the tube.
More like an hour each way if I walk.

It gives a journey time of 51 minutes.

My journey time is normally less than 40 minutes with 30 of that cycling. I go quite fast; it’s the last 2km or so when I hit London Bridge where I slow down.

This scans like one of them haiku poems

Excellent. Hopefully I can get mine down to about half an hour then as quite a fair bit of mine will be through a couple of parks.

15 minute cycle, or 2 minute walk-23 minute bus-5 minute walk. Fuck the bus.

Hour and a quarter each way, about thirty miles. Usually listen to radio one on the way there because my hatred for grimshaw wakes me up. Shit podcasts on the way home.

10 minute walk each way.