Came in on the train today - xmas do tonight so not driving.
Delays, smelly passengers, inane babble…
It’s shite. How do you manage to do that every day?

I have a 15 minute walk to work. Imagine living and/or working in London.

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Headphones and extreme metal


Used to take me an hour sometimes just to go from Seven Sisters to Angel Islington.

  • noise-cancelling earphones
  • a copy of the i
  • good working knowledge of several places to stand when the train pulls in
  • a refreshing cycle ride either end
  • occasional sightings of @anon50098204

I don’t.

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I get on a train at it’s first stop, have a lovely sit down and read for 15 mins and then a nice brisk 10 min walk to the office. Genuinely wouldn’t swap this for living 5 mins away or something.

Been commuting by car for the past 5 months or so. 37 miles each way. Fucking hate it. Expensive, takes ages if I’m on a normal day. Really miss my bike

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  • only have a 15-20 minute journey

  • read/listen to music/watch condensed NFL games

  • stare out the window at the pretty countryside

  • only catch the train where I’m pretty much guaranteed a seat

  • occasionally see CCB

  • Cycle to work on Fridays so I get a day off

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have to get on three trains to get to work :frowning:

I drive to work, It normally takes 25 minutes but lately it’s been over an hour.

The alternative is using Southern.

Great options.

If I’m going to a gig in the evening I’ll get the train and bus which I enjoy as one offs, not sure I could do it all the time though.

Half an hour tube ride, where I read and listen to music.

Or an hour run. After Christmas I will start cycling in and out of work three times a week.

I did drive for a while when I wasn’t in London and it was horrible. Aggressive drivers, traffic jams, etc. I’d do anything to avoid a drive commute.

I’m so grateful for the commute at the moment. From leaving my door to being sat at my desk can take 20-25 minutes maximum, including a ride on the Metro. Would hate to commute into central London, though that’s what I may be doing in a year or two’s time if I move down there.

Used to an hour long commute comprising a bus, a metro, and a forty minute walk ride to get too and from 12 hour nightshifts. During Winter it was brutal.

Used to have an hour long commute. Can we bring back editing at least for when we’re still half asleep?

I drive in to work sometimes. In London.

It is almost indescribably how preferable getting the tube is to this.

I normally cycle but I can’t seem to face it since coming back from holibobs in October.

I have a 14 minute train journey with a 5 min walk either side. I fucking hate it and everyone that gets on the train but I do LOVE a good lol at the ridiculous amounts of people who desperately try to squeeze on the train when its mega full

I hated/hate going down Holloway Rd and the 43. Feels so slow.

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I have a 30-35 minute cycle. It’s fine.

If I take the train, it’s either a 5 minute walk to the station, then a 15 minute journey where I normally get a seat, then a 15 minute walk after. Today, however, I took the Overground – 25ish minute of hideous squashedness and then 5 minutes on the tube which was okay.

Bike wins. And it’s free.

start biking in ffs!

It literally is quicker to walk than get a bus in LDN during commuting hours (or weekends etc). Fucking hate buses.

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