Companies that email you too much

Fine, I bought some books from the Book People. Email me once a week if you like but two, three times every day? NO!

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Clifford James. Don’t even know what they do or how I got on their mailing list.

Drowned in Sound forum (although thankfully some people’s replies go straight into the promotional/spam folder)

I switched all that bollocks off

Subside Sports
Borrow My Doggy
Literally every ticket website/gig promoter in existence

all the companies. feel like i unsubscribe from 10 things a day.

the one I work for

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Any single one that is trying to sell me shit. Which is 95% of all them.

That and my Dad.

Worktop Express - Yes I bought some oak worktops about 4 years ago and was very happy with the quality and the service but how often does anyone buy kitchen worktops? Once a week? I don’t think so.

On the other hand we are fitting out our (different) kitchen next year so these emails will serve as a useful reminder.

Some good box sets on there though huh?

For me it’s Boden. So needy. And creepy, if you look at something in the site they send you an email with pictures of what you were browsing saying forgotten something? Eeeeew

Yeah, we got the Roald Dahl collection. 15 of his best for £20.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Glass Elevator
Georges Marvellous Meds
Danny Champ
Mr Fox
Giant Peach

The fuck did they pad the rest of it out with?

Enormous Crocodile definitely

Esio Trot
Going Solo
The Magic Finger

One other that I can’t think of

Oh, The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me which I don’t think I have ever read.

You Only Live Twice

They have just emailed me again.

Just discovered a couple more Roald Dahl classics to flog you?

Quick get the David Williams ones.