Companies whose success you are baffled by

Saw that prime drink in the happy shopper yesterday . 8 quid a bottle!

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Hook Cardoor


Which vacuum cleaner company are we voting on here


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Bic Sharpies

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I hate apple products. Totally get the appeal though.

Its more their ecosystem and pricing i cannot stand and their smig marketing eather than the actual products which are a joy to use

Airpod max though… they were a MASSIVE L


Like I respect some claims when it comes to Apple’s quality

But no headphone jack??

Shove it up your bullshit thundercunt port or whatever your dickhead phones have instead of usb


Like an iPhone, appreciate iCloud and things synching between the devices (and I’m locked into this shit now) but my Mac is a collossal fucking dump of a thing on my desk.

Nothing’s ever compatible, can never recognise keyboard/mouse. Basically relegated to the Netflix TV because my £250 Lenovo laptop outperforms it in all but actual storage.

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With you on the apple stuff

Got bought an iPhone and I HATE it.

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they’re American Greggs, i.e, good actually

Is this… craft beer?

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Happy shopper still exists?! Wo

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Like Apple stuff generally but AirPods are absolutely shit. Fall out all the time and constantly crackle and lose connection unless I hold my phone right next to them.

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baffled or they’re good actually are not appropriate answers for these


Apple are good y’all just not EDUCATed in our artisanal tech ways

At the very least there should an option for “I get why they are a success, but its not for me thanks”.


amazing products, unparalleled build quality, you used to be able to save money 10+ years ago when their stuff was easy to fix and upgrade etc etc. don’t even own an apple device apart from my phone rn, but I’d definitely buy their stuff if I had the cash.

but they’re slavers

double check those pods aren’t hooky - I’d definitely upgrade to them if I had the money.

But now they charge a grand for a monitor stand

Got given a 16 inch Macbook Pro (M1 Max) for work. First Apple product I’ve ever “owned”. I suppose it’s really good but more in the sense that any high-end laptop is. Just looked up the price of it, JFC. Scared to touch it now.

AppleTV also has the worst interface of any streaming platform.

Here’s a shitload of films that you and most other subscribers can’t watch. What you can pick from with your subscription is hidden away in that sub menu over there.