Companies whose success you are baffled by

I have massive great earholes and always have an issue with in-ear headphones abut have no problem at all with getting my AirPods to stay in. Just swapped out the silicon end bit for the bigger ones that came with them and they’re absolutely fine.

Think they’re the AirPods Pro, so don’t know if that makes a difference.


I’ve had bad luck with Samsung. Two phones that nearly exploded and a tablet whose battery went dead within a couple of months. So I guess that’s my answer.

I use a Mac for work, my iPod was my best friend when I was a teenager and I use Apple Music now but I wouldn’t buy an iPhone, more out of ambivalence towards the smartphone market than anything else though.

Never used AirPods but I’ve been having gripes with my Sony earbuds for being a bit uncomfortable on my ear’s concha and being the biggest grease-magnets I’ve ever seen.

Totally this. Bunch of chancers marketing a stripey bottle full of (is it water?) Or some energy drink piss that makes you want to vomit. Got to weirdly admire and hate it at the same time.


My 11 year old nephew was obsessed with Prime before he’d tried it and had no idea who KSI and Jake/Logan/whatever Paul were. Weird fad. My sister finally found a shop selling it and he said it tasted like floor cleaner but he’s still obsessed with it.

That and Wakey Wines, he’s desperate to go to Wakefield now

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I’m showing him this when I see him this weekend, he’s gonna learn all the words and my sister will hate me for it

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He has to do the weird dance of opening what I assume is a bottle of Prime as well.

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I had heard of ‘Prime’ being a drink before this thread:

  • Yes of course.
  • No, I was thinking ‘Optimus’ or ‘Amazon’ or something and got confused.

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How? It was all over the news for months

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The wordt part of prime is it markets its self as a sports drink but it has fuck all sodium in it. Its electrolytes are mostly pottasium which is no good to soemone working out yah need sodium

Absolutely never heard of it.
Clearly consuming the wrong news.
Doesn’t sound like I’m missing much!


Oh totally arent. Its coconut water with artifical flavourings. Yummmmmy


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A playlist I made yesterday with 17 tracks has been wiped and I’ve had to re-add songs multiple times today so I think they heard me chatting mild shit.

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