Companies who've given you great customer service...

Bought a Fitbit to track my sleep. After a couple of weeks it stopped syncing with my phone. They sent me a new one straight away. What a GBoL. Literally just asked me to reset the watch and the app and check my bluetooth was on, then basically said ‘nah, must be fucked’. Didn’t even ask for proof of purchase or anything.

Makes you wonder how much they make them for, I guess.



Peoples Pension. All round top class customer servicing

Someone said Amazon will probably give you a new Kindle if yours breaks as they’d prefer you to have a working Kindle so you can spend money on books. Power button has stopped working on mine and I’ve chatted twice with customer service about it but they were having none of it, just gave me 15% off buying replacement. Bastards.

Our Place.

I bought 2 pans - one is like a deep frying pan style, the other was a lidded casserole dish, but the casserole was way too big and wouldn’t even fit in my (small) cupboard. I did the refund thing online and they refunded me instantly and sent a mail saying “no need to return the pan to us, give it to a friend or to a charity shop”

Gave it to my sister in law


A train I’d booked was cancelled recently, so I had to go via another station. Got an email within an hour from Transport for Wales offering a refund, filled in a quick form online and within five minutes got confirmation I’d get my money back in full. Is that normal? Bloody great lads. Wasn’t even a massive ordeal, still got there but about two hours late.


They are the absolute fucking pits who regularly make my life worse nearly every time I have to use their non-existent and ludicrously expensive service, HOWEVER, Avanti West Coast have just started auto-processing refund claims for delays at least…

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