Company car BIK

How the fuck does this work?

What’s the difference between 111 and 89 in tax percentages?

About 22

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Cheers mate :+1:t2:

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do you mean in terms of emissions? I managed a company car scheme for 5 years so while my knowledge of the rates is a bit out of date, I can explain in mind-numbing detail how it works. DM me if you like

Any help?

Nice Google work

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I looked at my payslip to see if it had anything useful about this and it didn’t but now I’m worried I’m on the wrong tax code. Thanks a lot.

Company car tax is generally paid via P11D so your payslip won’t be any use unfortunately

The tax code will reflect the car benefit.

It says TM1 on the end. That doesn’t look good.

Will likely mean you are taxed on month to month basis rather than cumulative basis.

Have you changed cars in this tax year?

That means you’ve sold your new house. Unlucky!

Anyway the co2 emissions give a % then that % is applied to list price to give the BIK value.

Pretty straightforward.

Choice is

Merc a180 1.5 se auto
Astra 1.6cdti blue injection elite
Octavia 1.6 tdi se tech

Percentage wise how much more tax will I pay on the merc?

I have not.

Can you really put a price on your soul?

Yeah the bmw when I first started there

May have been stuck on in previous years. It shouldnt matter too much unless your pay fluctuates or you get a bonus.

But I’d still check it out.

Ffs. Thanks.

They sent the choices today and want me to pick by Friday. Madness