Company car BIK

Thinly veiled look at my Mercedes thread.


It’s not quite a Jaguar.

Paying tax on things being a notoriously Tory thing to do.

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I’ve got to drive for work. I could get have a car allowance and pay less tax and get a better mileage rate but because I’m not Tory I have no problem paying the tax

Was this supposed to fit to the tune of Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard? Can’t decide if it does or not.

I used to work in a HMRC call centre, have never had a company car and hate driving.

Everyone else that has posted in this thread is a Tory though


Have you got the emissions to hand?

Merc 108
Astra 118
Octavia 109

based on emissions data I could find on google, you’ll be taxed on:

Merc - 25% of the car’s P11D value
Astra - 27% of the car’s P11D value
Octavia - 25% of the car’s P11D value

This is the table you need. Bear in mind the premium you pay for diesel (right hand column):

The merc is, in fact, the most prudent choice here

Ah mate, that’s what i wanted to hear!!!

This is now a look at my Merc thread


My merc is about to be delivered.

We now need to get on with a no deal brexit and lower taxes.