COMPETITION: postbox proximity

who is closest to a postbox right now?

I’m at 170m

NB: internal office drop off things DO NOT COUNT. has to be a regular open-to-the-public postbox.

if anyone manages a selfie with a postbox i’ll give them a special prize



i’m still on the podium

:confused: 173

can’t say the exact distance with 100% certainty but it’s definitely less than 100m, maybe around 70m

Probably about 500m

Is this now the Friday Selfie thread?

Give me until lunchtime and I’ll see what I can do.

~30 metres


I respect your honesty

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+10 points for sexy sun flare
-10 points for cycle wear

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i can see one out the window, not sure how far it is though. maybe 200m?

m9 I have no idea. I’ll try and find a trundle wheel at lunch time.

we’ll call it 300 to be safe

How the fuck are you weirdos measuring this.

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Using google maps measure distance function I can more confidently estimate it to be 293m away.

Google maps measure distance innit

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tape measure